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Monday, August 29, 2011

Survival Series: The Bag Revisited

Got that bag packed? Since Mother Nature is talking, I figured that I would refresh the memories of what to have on deck just in case...I have that same compass BTW. Eddie Bauer. You might want to know where you're going if you're lost and there's no stars in the sky. You do have a map of where you reside right?

Got this yet? Since last year there are other water filtration bottles out there. The best invention the last 10 years. Lake, sea, river, rain and nasty tap water all can be cleansed to drink.

Lighters get wet. Zippos dry out and have too many working components that need constant updating. A $4 box of matches shown.

Them Jordans ain't gonna work in a flood or torrential storms. Totes and various other shoe companies make these.

In case you don't want rubber overshoes and have boots...gaiters will cover the pant bottoms and keep water or snow from going inside the footwear.

A solar powered, crank-up for power radio with a flashlight. I know you don't expect to turn on a TV or update a Facebook page when ish goes down.

Do you expect that smartphone to work without the data network? Razr phones are highly recommended because they can use an analog or digital network (SIM card phones are the best emergency phones). The best GSM phone made.

You don't have to get this fancy, but a walking stick should be may need to break something or need extra length to grab something vital and not have any leverage. Also good for extra traction if it's slippery. These are @ REI and are retractable.

You can get rain gear anywhere, but I'm using LL Bean as an example. They have Gore-Tex rain wear that is also packable. You don't have to use up space in the bag. Something like a poncho may be good, but there's too much extra fabric to get tangled up on an obtrusion.

They actually have other canned food besides tuna & baked beans. You can try dry preserved food like the military does, but can food doesn't perish either. Some salmon, veggies, and fruit can get you through. Cheap too.

Need something to open the cans with. Multi-tool is the better piece to have, but make sure if you get screwdriver heads, they are consistent with normal screws used. Would hate for you to need to open a vent or window with a metric screw-fitting and it's American sized fittings on you're Leatherman.

And don't play yourself putting all of this in a VIM or Key Food plastic bag. Go get a good knapsack that can at least withstand the elements, and has some good stash space.

All of this stuff can be found in various price ranges so you can place a bag at each spot you visit for lengthy periods of time (the car too). I would also recommend a pair of Oakley-ish sunglasses. A good way to protect the eyes from UV rays & foreign objects/particles. Might wanna throw a hat in the bag too.

Preparation is key to survival.


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