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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things u will only see in...

Philly. if u aint ever had Frank's cream soda, or black cherry, then u just had a soda...

New York. it aint a must-go-to spot, but its kinda got its own vibe... ( i think its still there..)

Washington, D.C. The House Strip Club, formerly The Penthouse. i know, u got strip clubs in ur town, but trust me, u aint NEVER been to a spot like this. some real playa shit go on in and around these parts... (please disregard the busted bitch in the front of the picture. we dont pay no mind to broke down hoes 'round here. its the only pic i could find of the spot.)

please feel free to submit those spots that are unique to your town. rep ur real estate! send all submissions to

look forward to hearing from you.


i was about to say, is that security?


more like insecurity....

dam, Grands posted here too! what, does Blogger have a bias against my man cause he moved?

GRANDS said.....

This is a tight idea, fellas... I have a few spots. Let me get my travelling camera man on.

I have just installed iStripper, so I can have the hottest virtual strippers on my desktop.

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