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Friday, August 12, 2011


this is just a small video of an event i used to throw called "Secret Society". it was a real, underground, dirty, graff heads, bboy, bbgirls, breakers, thugs, whatever, that came to experience some real Beat Street shit. we took a warehouse and turned it into a bboys paradise, wit a live dj, performances, all that. we tryin to go bigger.

we got a few ideas in the works. the continuation of Secret Society, or a more prolific festival called "Survivor Series", where the whole primise of that is an ill outdoor excursion, fixed to live performances, set in a real rugged environment in Oregon, a smokers paradise. get ur mountain gear out for this one. expose ur Timbs for the boot they are NOT...

anyways, we need ur help.

DONATE!!! the button is in the right column at the top and will stay there as we try to move forward. donate a dollar or ten. it'll all go into a next event sometime next year. grow wit us. no pun intended...


smart move...

a travel agency sponsor would be idea. Some cats may wanna be at both events (like me)

shit, i would love to throw em both. lets see what the fiscal response is and move accordingly.

travel agency. good idea. maybe get one of these companies thirsty for the urban market like Under Armour? just an idea...

i thought that BBQ that the big homie Dallas and Combat Jack was doin was a great opportunity to start some shit like this.

I had a sponsor this year (next adventure, a ski/trail shop), could prolly get REI & patagonia (inside connect). Could try to get Coleman (hiking/camping), Timberland or Eddie Bauer on deck.

But that travel agency could put together a decent pkg, remember cats ain't gonna need a hotel over here, just a rental to get around (could even rent a bus). Can get tent & utility rentals on the cheap, the land is $yk's (private). Over there we need major packages (the cheesesteak spot is vital) and the bread is more (no taxes ova here).

Again good timing to get this started

yeah dP & CJ got the blueprint. We could get Grand$ & DV to take that I5 trip. Ove here there would be MAJOR walk-ups, it would almost be rave status

THAT sounds RIGHT my dude. that just may be the move, based on all the line items u just presented. all of it makes sense.

Sounds like something I would be down for but I no longer live in Cali. Im in Texas now but catching a flight is an option.

that's why a travel pkg is food DV...

Cult there's a jpeg in the stash here, check about the same time or a lil earlier last year.

I'm to & fro right now

and check out 'Dual Survival' on DSC...they're up in WA

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