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Sunday, August 21, 2011

You're a hustler? Really?

i dont know if many of you will know who this is. i know you know the name. this is Bernie Madoff, and he made-off like a motha fucka, to the tune of around a billion dollars. I SAID A BILLION DOLLARS. look at him. do you think any lady on the street is gonna clutch her purse when he walks by? but he done took more money than all ur oldheads in every jail u can think of. no gun. he robbed people blind wearin a suit and tie.

the news came out earlier this week about a sports booster who got caught out there givin gifts to college athletes, which is illegal according to NCAA rules. which is CRAZY to me, cause the NCAA gets multi-MILLION dollar contracts (TV coverage, college sports tickets), sells sport merchandise advertising the names of these players (on jerseys) and the teams they WORK FOR (let's be honest), and they dont get nothin? sounds like they hustlin too. but illegal doesnt necessarily mean wrong (remember, it was once illegal to marry a black man... Tiger woulda been stuck...), and if u ask me, a lot of shit should be thought over again for the implications it means for the economy, like legalizing marijuana and the use of hemp products, which the Declaration Of Independence is written on. how hypocritical is that? what i'm saying is, that if a college player who is trying to balance the grueling schedule of a semi-professional (but it's a sophisticated organization that makes legal contracts with other corporations; what makes it not PROFESSIONAL?) as well as a full time college course load, what the fuck is wrong with them having a SPONSOR? what, you have to be related to them? what, u think someone who bleeds team colors will try to influence someone to lose? that 1 person wont get taken out of the game if its obvious they fuckin up? do you really think someone who may have a career in sports would WANT to lose to look unattractive to NBA, MLB or NFL scouts? that makes sense to you? and the dudes that might not go to the league (if u wanna pick on them), wont get much floor time anyway. so, what else you got?

sorry, i went on a tangent. im not really a sports dude. but i keeps my eye on the money. so when the story broke, i aint really pay it no mind, just looked over the reports to see who may've been involved. i aint see no names, so i kept it movin. til yesterday i found out the dude, Nevin Shapiro, was also indicted for a ponzi scheme, the same shit that Madoff caught the klink behind. this muhfucka fell for milkin investors to the tune of 930 MILLION DOLLARS. yung baw too. its been a few of em, back to Michael Milken. they eventually get caught, but they be havin runs of like 10 yrs plus on the street. IN THE MILLIONS. you gettin money? really?

i saw that the baw Shapiro got 20 tears and some fines. but he aint return a cent of the money. where is it? and before u say, "but he got 20 years", i want u to know he got a FEDERAL sentence, which is a whole different thing. i dont know when he's elligible for parole, but let me share what i do know. if u get sentenced in the feds to life, or a sentence above 30 years, u would be eligible for parole in 10 years. i know that for a fact cause my enlightener, Righteous Mathematics, out of Elizabeth, NJ, went thru that. now given the fact that this is a non-violent crime, this dude may actually get parole in 5 years. for STEALING almost a BILLION dollars over almost 10 years. he gone be in jail shorter than the time it took to steal it! you gettin money? really?

shit, i'd do a nickel for a BILLION dollars. wit no hesitation. shit, i did close to a nickel for a quarter pound of coke, with a street value in those times of $3500. see why i swear off the drug game? these drug game rappers? they whole shit is backward. cause if u a real hustler, ud be lookin at THESE dudes for inspiration. seriously. Jay Z did. look at him. cause thats hustlin. but these dudes aint hustlers out here. they just drug dealers. thats why they cant make nothin else work for 'em. *in runaway slave voice* its alls dey know!

look at the names. MILKEN. MADOFF. (MADE-OFF). that aint some hustler shit? like a preacher named DOLLAR?!? PASTOR DOLLAR? (pass da dollar? you aint catch that?) these dudes ride in Bentleys and yachts and smash the finest women. Pastor Eddie Long smash the finest dudes. they LIVIN! u a fool if u still out there takin large risks with small, to no return. accordin to the rules of business, u are operating a dummy machine! u the dummy findin dummer dummies to do dum shit. good luck.

i really got love for my dudes still tryin to figure it out. and if u still got the mind to do wrong, even if its a whisper, then please by all means, take a look around at anotha game to play instead of this fucked up drug game. look, after a 4 year investment in a DIFFERENT institution, u can get a degree, then go get certified, and that will then open up this whole new world of plenty just waitin for you to ravage. and u can still be a predator. insteada dope fiends, you'll target your attention toward single women and the elderly. shit, come to think of it, dependin on which branch of finance, u can super soak a lot of muhfuckas. legally. and if u want to cross that line, then u get a cushy federal bid, complete with conjugals and furloughs and a nice open campus you can just walk around leisurely. some dont even have fences. why would you run from a place like that? look at this dude, Shapiro! he CHILLIN!
if there's anything, anything at all that i want you to get from this post... to learn the value of a good education.

now air it out...


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