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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Praise Is Due!

clap your hands to this! the rap music legends, Eric B. and Rakim have been nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! if they should make it, they will be the 3rd rap group to make it, behind Grand Master Flash and RunDMC. also being nominated this year from the rap category is The Beastie Boys. while i got to admit that the Beasties have put in the work to deserve a spot in the academy, i don't think they deserve it before the god, Rakim. they may have came out before him, but they, by far, have not made as much of a contribution to the culture. being the guys that they are, i'm sure they would agree with that statement. they were the first to show exactly how many units could be sold. and i guess they are significant to the white people who love hip hop, cause i guess they showed them that they belong here to. cause they do. what i'm saying is, outside of the business of it, the  Beasties have not added anything to actually change the fabric of hip hop. Rakim did, tho. without a shadow of a doubt.

let's not undermine Eric B's contribution to the group. it was Eric, as i'm told that really made everything happen, from actually getting Rakim into the studio, to finding production. he used to do work for WBLS in NY, and actually came across Rakim when he was taken to Long Island to actually go see Freddy Foxx. Foxx wasnt home so he was taken to see Rakim. he then was the one that took the record, "I Get Over Like A Fat Rat" by Fonda Rae (if u ever wondered what the bassline was in that song, but knew it sounded familiar, there you go) to Marley Marl, who actually put the song together. that song was "Eric B. for President". and music history was made. imagine if Freddy Foxx was home. sheesh.

im just hopeful that the voting body of the RRHF, which i guess is probably predominately white, looks at merit in this case instead of race, or even if that is interpreted as what The Beasties mean to them, instead of what they mean to the culture. 


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