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Monday, September 12, 2011

Andre 3000- Chronomentrophobia

i dont know nothin bout this track except that i like it. i came across it and had to share wit yall. you know 3 Stacks gets daps round here. so here it is. enjoy...

ironic... i was just listenin to "Aquemini" yesterday wit that Cali-flower, and was like DAM, this is a good fuckin album. i also couldnt help but notice that they the 1st ones to do a song named after a person as a metaphor for the song. 'Rosa Parks' was before all these 'Hallie Berry''s, 'Bill Bellamy''s (

BONUS: 3 Stacks verse on this joint is crazy... he really styled on these dudes.... all while making good sense. remember that? good sense?


That whole Idlewild soundtrack was crazy to me. Most people wrote it off as that "weird Outkast shit" but the movie and soundtrack was ill.

Chronomentrophobia is one of my favorite tracks. Hell I even liked the song with Lil Wayne and Snoop on it (Hollywood Divorce) and I pretty much hate Lil Wayne.

Maybe once people become open to creativity again will they grow to appreciate what Outkast has done in the game. Idlewild and Purple Rain are the 2 illest music themed movies ever (in my opinion)

uhh... Wildstyle? Beat Street? Krush Groove? not even an honorable mention?

OK so I didnt put much thought into my earlier comment. You got me. I also forgot to mention "Breakin" and "Breakin 2"

sall good, homie...

one thing that i do notice is that people who really appreciate music fuck wit 'Purple Rain". i used to didnt cause my introduction to that movie was from a chick back in the day. and i guess i was hatin a lil bit. (she called me Prince when we was bonin, and told me i should take it as a compliment) until i got up on Prince for real, like as a musician, and not as the tight pants finger lickin nigga. on that note, baw is really a genius. part of it is the mix... i mean dude managed to combine a lot of shit under one umbrella. as a dude currently tryin to find that balance, i can appreciate what it takes to arrive at a conclusion.

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