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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bboy Classic: Shannon "Let The Music Play"

if u remember legwarmers, Z.Cavaricci's, and DA's then u was rockin to this here. this was THE shit when it was out. this was at the beginning of the new NY club movement, all on the heels of 'Planet Rock'. it's amazing that that 1 song led to the formation of a number of genre's of music, all over the map... from this, the NY club music movement of the 80s, to the freestyle music with it's heavy Latino influence, to the quad music of Florida. but i guess that's a post for another day. regardless in the middle of all of this transformation, this song was a MONSTER hit.

it's also important to note that the influence of hip hop is not just seen on the music of today, as hip hop has heavily influenced music since it came out. we can look at this from the way songs were changed in the way they were mixed, whereas the bottom (the drums and the bass) were way more prominent in the mix. listen to any older record and you will see a startk constrast betwen the two. disco records had a more emphasized bottom end, but EVERY disco record pales in comparison to the low end on Planet Rock'. i think i'm really gonna have to go in on Planet Rock soon.

this song was back when the breakers (who were NOT exclusively called bboys... more on that another day) were hot in the clubs, and the whole style was about being 'fresh' and progressive, having style. even tho the video looks like an episode of 'Solid Gold', a whole lot more was going on in the streets and in the clubs.

if u remember this, enjoy. if u dont, get hip to a vital piece of music history.



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