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Thursday, September 29, 2011

DJ Manny Fresh... emphasis on the DJ....

i've always liked Manny Fresh's style. as a person who came up on the notion of the competition of styles, (which is what hip hop is at its heart, whether its graffiti, rappin, dancin, or djing), i always had an appreciation of those who only do it like themselves. so when that "Huh" by Juvenile hit, i was all for it.

Manny Fresh is one of those dudes who always had they own style. and he perfected it. how could you not respect that? as he goes in on this interview, he becomes adamant about callin him a DJ. he doin some producin, aint really thinkin bout rappin, but he all about DJing. thats where he started. and it got me thinkin.

when i was listenin to him, it dawned on me what he tryin to do. he tryin to get back to educating people about the music thru the music. im finishin up the 1st BBoy Cult show/mixtape/podcast (i dont know how to package it yet) and the whole point of that shit is education. if you've ever read Dallas Penn, Tony Grands (Reading and Writing Is For Dumb People) or Combat Jack, you know that their perspectives always revolve around exposing the essence of the culture to those who may not know what it looks like. or more importantly, what it feels like. this is me n $yk all day. if you go thru our catalog (it's a lot of quality content there), you'll see a passion for the culture, but also the intent to share the experience that changed us all. it's like gettin a good piece of pussy... you just got to go tell somebody.

and thats when you can tell its true love. when a person would rather go back to what pays less to enjoy it more. id take hip hop at 22 a year. i'd take that paycut. i know i'd gain happiness by extreme margins.

and for the 3, almost 400 people that stop thru here everyday, i know yall feel the same. i appreciate yall taking the time out your day to check me out. i really do. i just wish yall'd comment more so that i can have the pleasure of meeting you. 


this mannie interview is a good find. I recently checked out a cypher with him mystikal and juvenile (recently saw Juve live too lol). These are some great posts man keep it up.

thanks Mike. 'preciate that homie.

i saw that too. but Vlad grabbed it up, so that was that. stop thru anytime.

Ivy Betty Mike??? cut it out!

you're always welcome here dude! knowin that came from you, makes it a lil bit more weighty. thanks fam...

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