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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Father Of Your Style

its really a thing about perspectives. in a sense, being in NY at the time, it was the illest shit ever that Slick Rick bust his gun. i mean of all those that talk that murder shit, he was the only one actually with proof that he ‘could just kill a maaaan!’ the fly guy. imagine that. but Rick is also Jamaican, so a different set of rules also come into play. remember, that was him in the ‘Teenage Love’ video ready to bust Kane (Kane was byitchin!) with some sort of click clack in that lil Fendi bag.

same wit 50. his circumstances was some real street shit that caught up to him. i am gonna identify that as the moment gettin shot and goin to jail became important to rappers. cause of the numbers that album did. most cats heard it and was like, ‘i can rhyme better than that’. and prolly could. but it was the TRUTH of the things he was saying thats missin from a lot of these dudes who try to make what they imagine to be their actual reality. in any therapy session, that’ll get u medicated.

as a person who been thru a couple things i can tell u this; no real street dude is in it to go to jail. that’s a consequence of the actions, not the goal. most will accept their circumstances if so dealt, but most are actually trying to find a WAY OUT. it’s become a staple of the wanna be generation (Generation W) to go to jail, almost on purpose. my mans n them tell me some outrageous stories of the shit dudes do now a days. there was an incident out here in Philly where a girl smacks the baby in the face, a guy says “hey that aint right”, sis calls her brother n nem, and these fools come n shoot up the bus. instead of waiting for the dude, who was by hisself, to get off!!! in broad daylight!!! with nearly 60 witnesses!!! this type of shit, in any generation is called nut shit. and these niggers (not none of my niggas) do it all the time. now a days. these are the streets these nut ass rappers come from.

when West Coasts heads started talkin bout they reality, it was successful cause it was TRUE. by the time NWA got to Niggas 4 Life, they became a parody of themselves, a real cartoon, CB4 for real, cause they stopped tellin the truth and started tellin lies about theyselves. Too Short, who i just dapped last month, was spittin REAL shit, way before East Coast dudes. Even Schooly D, from Philly, whom Ice T admits was his inspiration for ’6 In The Mornin”, was talkin real street shit, but in a comedic fashion. Ice spun it with some real gangster shit, and history was made. but all of em knew that what went on in the street was SEPARATE from the rap shit. cause thats REALLY the code of the street. all dirt is done in silence. so that should tell you who these rappers really are. shit, if u recall, Ricky D was caught in a high speed chase. he was tryin to get away! these dudes now a days TURN THEYSELVES IN. with the cameras flashin.

who in the streets catches cases AFTER they get rich? dum niggas. fake niggas. niggas with somethin to prove. and Tupac, with all his talent, with all his passion, with all of his conviction, is the father of that style.

now air it out…


People (Pac stans) act like he was the realest to ever do it. The sad reality is this is the same dude that was a back up dancer for Digital Underground and made a cameo in that Chevy Chase/Demi Moore/Dan Akroyd joint.

Straight up, Pac was a follower. Dude didn't have any REAL roots set in place, from NY, raised in Baltimore (check the vid of him and Jada Pinkett in highschool) moved out to the Bay area, comes back to NY to get victimized by Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack, goes to jail on a fuckin sodomy charge (which he was awaiting a return trip to the bing for the same charges when he got his wig pushed back in Vegas) and lets punk ass Suge be his guiding light. Dude acted out like a lost little boy with Daddy issues.

I don't know how nobody noticed he played a role (Bishop) and forgot to stop acting when the cameras stopped rolling. Only thing Pac did was took method acting to heights never before seen. And we all know how shit ended up. He got a bronze statue of himself in Atlanta of all places and his physical became worm food.

whew! u went IN!!!!

i mean shit, im just tellin it like it is. and u feel me. a lot of people do. its no doubt that his music was powerful. he was an emotional dude and his music connected on a emotional level. but the life was not his own until he got rich. for a conscious dude, thats the worst role model to show people if u really cared about them coming OUT of the ghetto, or at least it's mentality. unless his sacrifice was to show people themselves. in which case, leaving no narrative to explain it, is a sacrifice made for nothing.

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