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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Gushie!


based on this alone, i was just gonna give this post just to Maya. my lord... the waistline/back/stomach to waistline/hips/ASS/thigh ratio is outrageously squirty. i mean, i did could get off on this alone.

Shenelle Scott

for years i heard that Jay had a baby by a Trini chick. rumors aside, i think it's true. and this is her. her name is Shenelle Scott, and she is fine as hell. i mean, Beyonce is fine too, but let's not act like gorgeous stopped with her. my daughter's mother is on that/this caliber, but she's a piece of shit. she got one fault... she used to fuck wit Lil Fizz from B2K. the one who spoke thru his nose. i mean he had the long hair, i guess that did it for her. i dont know why girls choose the dudes they do. but when they like a guy they just do. thats what i tell my son. i teach him the philosophy of 'Fuck it'. bitch is bad, makes you nervous, you wanna get at her... say FUCK IT... and go for it. some chicks will just appreciate that you weren't scared of 'em. cause beauty intimidates dudes. YOU know. and it never ceases to amaze me also how dudes think that beauty is instant marriage material. like porn stars aint gorgeous. regardless, you would be amazed at what the 'fuck it philosophy' will get you in life, my dude...

Shenelle Scott


There's no way this is Jay's kid. Not unless there was some serious plastic surgery on her face, I love Jay as an artist, but without having to drop the obligatory "no homo" he ain't the best looking dude and not ALL of his genes can be recessive. They do have similar mouth structure if you look at the top pic, but that's about it. Regardless, this broad is pretty outstanding. Them fuckin thighs could squeeze the life out of me any time of the day. I'd skip a family funeral to give her the wildest 2- 2 1/2 minutes of her life!

lol! family funeral! imma use royalty...this is hip hop...

and i think i wrote that not so clearly... cause sis is the Trini chick that baw had the baby by. unless u talkin bout pictures of the kid. she has a website, but for some reason it wouldnt load. google her. i think it's real.

and aint nothin homo bout sayin a guy aint handsome. u know when a pretty nigga come around. i say whats up to one every mornin, in the bathroom mirror. and if u ask me, he's stunning...

Definitely modest... lol.

I thought that WAS his kid, not the broad he dropped a deposit in. Either way, quality tail.

but isnt Maya just stunning in this pic? i mean she is a specimen of what you WANT a woman to mature into! i love it. hips, waist n ass are my favorites. i can forgive a lot of shit if that shit is correct. for real. cause a woman can be not necessarily pretty (not ugly), but still be sexy than a mug, feel me?

Feel me? - I'd feel on her! Ha! Wifey would kill me if she even thought I was thinking about doing semi-illegal shit to this fine specimen.

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