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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look At This Dude!

i saw this on youtube and had to post it. i was like 'ILL!!!!" first of all, the studio, the Hit Factory is legendary. the amount of hit records made in that studio is crazy. the long hallway with all the plaques would take you a good half to read em all.  my first time in there was a real experience. back then there was still a mystique to making records. and i felt like somebody pulled back the veil and showed me the wizard. i'll never forget it.

but this was also ill cause here you got Big in the studio with Lord Finese, who we gave a salute to a while back. i was just lookin at the fact that REAL hip hop used to rule the airwaves. i mean it was what the large record companies was into. most of these niggas nowadays are all doin P.M. Dawn shit, without the beads in their heads. think about it. but it was ill for me to see these dudes do it lke this in their element.

sometimes i try not to be on that shit where it seems like im not growing with the times. but i dont really see where growing aptly describes whats goin down these days. the ill shit was the other day, i was playin beats for some people and they was like 'what do you use?' i said 'MPC2000XL'. baw was like 'it sounds like old skool.' i was like 'what do you mean?' dude was like, 'naw, its bangin. it just dont sound like a program. the instruments sound real'. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? music shouldnt sound like music anymore, but computer generated representations of music? i sweasr to god, its soundin like science fiction movies out here these days...

RIP Biggie Smalls, one of the best to ever do it. and i mean, if u listen to how much growth went on between album one and two... whew...



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