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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who's playing who?

i know what i be talkin bout, fam. and if u think i was buggin when i was talkin about somebody pullin the strings on a HAARP, take a look at this video and tell me if u see some fingers...

now you tell ME if that is a NATURAL cloud formation...

i mean, sometimes we look at white people like u guys are a little throwed for putting animal fur and yoga ahead of hungry people on ur list of causes. but it's times like this^ that i appreciate yall for your 'varied' interests...


Fam... What the fuck? Thank you for this knowledge, I had no idea this even existed. I checked the HAARP links, watched that crazy ass video of that too perfect cloud formation. I should sue the shit out of the government for that last hurricane. Shit was fucked up over here.

If you were to bring this shit up in convo, people would look at you like you're buggin. But "they" give you an actual homepage and some wack cover story. HO...Lee...Shit. It's in front of our face, like "check out how we gonna fuck you up next" and this is the FIRST I ever heard about it. Speechless.

*I feel you on putting it in the air when the shit hit the fan. That's what I did, fuck it. You gotta go? Might as well be with a smile on your face.*

whats good, Cap?

ay man, it's no problem. i feel like i got to say somethin. especially on days like today, where i feel so sorry about the folks that had to die on this day in 2001, for completely selfish reasons by a small well funded group. i am NOT talkin about Al Queda.

its wild, cause todays reality is NOT what people think it is. it is really a trip to see it as i move thru on daily basis, seeing signs and actual drills n shit being carried out AGAINST the interest of the public at large. and the public is BLIND to it all. and in some cases, willingly so. i mean, i dont wanna over use Matrix analogies, but DAMN fam...

my niece says i sound like one of those dudes wit the signs on the corner. i tell her no im not. im the dude on the corner READING the signs around me...

and hopefully we'll get an exhale session sometime in the future... before we got to stare the reaper down, ya dig?

Good lookin out, and hell yes I dig. lol


@Syk's post

Wow. extract Cuba ans insert Iraq and here we are

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