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Monday, September 19, 2011

You got to see this!

i caught this the other day in the inbox. you got to check this out!

now, this is an advertising initiative, but man, it's more than just that. for those of us that do music, or do choreography, i'm sure you can appreciate what it must've taken to do somethin' like this. when i saw it, i was like, damn! i mean, i really expected, especially when i saw the basketball theme, that it's another one of those CGI numbers. not so. this is human ingenuity at work. sorry r-bot4, please don't take it personal.

this is an ad for the "Stage" Talent contest, sponsored by Samsung Mobile. it's another chance to be seen. so i suggest that for all of you looking for an outlet for your talents, or publicity for your music, get involved. you never know. the thing that amazes me is that people are always looking for an opportunity to be seen, and when they get one, they don't move to seize it. if you click the button on the video that says"enter contest", you will be taken to a You Tube page that will give you directions on how to enter. it's as simple as uploading a video. remember, millions of people will see you doing whatever it is that you do, whether it's singing, dancing, rapping, beatboxing, whatever. so be smart and place a web address of some sort on your entry so that other will see it, and generate some traffic for yourself or your band. the other promo video has already a million hits on You Tube. be smart!

so many of you write to me for exposure on this site. well, this is a chance for a lot of exposure! take it! you might make it!

what do you have to lose?

click on the video to enter, or click here.


i'm breakdancing for this contest. check out my vid, pls vote to show support fellow bboy

will do my dude!

thanks for stoppin thru! backslide thru here anytime!

good luck!

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