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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Boostin' Billy-"When I First Moved To Philly" ALBUM ON SALE NOW!!!


"Who's Hotter?" before mastering

"Who's Hotter?" after mastering

this is it! and i'm very proud to be able to do this. i want yall to bear in mind that this is not a charity event. this man put in work, and this is the result of his work. his legacy. and we gone bless his babies because of it.

as you can hear, i really went in on making sure that the sound quality is up to par. as you can see, i got them in very bad shape. so it took much longer than usual to get this right. but i did, and now you can make sure that when u go to bang it, it's not gonna fry your ears or overload your sound set.

as you ca also see, this shit is HOT! so its not like you're coppin' just because it's the right thing to do. sun was really nice wit his. cop this keepin in mind that its a bangin album. and it's right on time for the flood. sometimes i wish he was here to see it for himself.

everyone stoppin thru, please leave a comment showin your support.

as always, love and loyalty.

Culture aka DENSKE or DEN-SKI, NPH

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remembering Boostin' Billy

a real street legend... and a real dude...

i aint really got a lot of pictures left. from movin between this city n that city and catchin bids (havin my brother or sister go n get my shit outta apartments n shit), a lost a lot of shit, a lot of history. i had a couple of pictures of a certain r&b chick in a certain way. shots of me n a singer that was on the last Jay Z album. legendary street niggas from North Philly like Chicago (RIP) and Capase. shots of legendary graff niggas; me at the Lay-Up with LEE, those photos of me, NM, ESPO and KADISM up at ESPO's 1st are show on Prince St. so when my daughter found a picture of me in the studio from back them times, it fucked me up. brought back a lot of memories...

the music shit made me think about certain shit that i aint though about in years. see, back in the day, i had a poppin record out called 'Ease Back' that had Philly on smash. i used to go by the name Jon Doe, which was a take on the graffiti shit, which is a known unknown, cause i wasnt really tryin to rock with the graff name cause i was still activ. graff was graff, and rap was rap. at least thats how i saw it. but the photo was from Larry Gold's Studio. and i remembered that Bill used to ride out wit me on that music shit too. i fucked me up when those thoughts came back to me. i aint thought about that shit in years.

i did the album release party for the Roots when they got they 1st deal. i think that was with Geffen. that show was me, Jeru The Damaja (when 'Come Clean' was smashin shit), The Fugees (just comin off the 1st album, the one wit Nappy Heads) and it was another local Philly group i cant remember. but i do remember i was late to the soundcheck cause we had went out on a me-ah. i had a Cherokee truck them times, the Laredo, fly shit. Bill used to fill the back of that mothafucka! niggas'll tell u. we dressed that hood. regardless, when we was there for soundcheck, we had on me-ah cllothes. when we came back for the show, we was CRAZY dipped. that was the year that the DKNY shield sweaters hit, n them shits was crazy. wait, i think i had on the DKNY rugby with the brown 'Lo Leather. Cookie boots, tortoise shell with wire frames, Tag Hauer watch wit the nappy. sun had some of that DKNY shit that night too, if i recall correctly. i could be wrong. Bill had CRAZY Lo shit. reagrdless, when we got there, sun started sellin shit to niggas in the backstage area! we used to stay at them girls, so sun put me on Lauryn Hill, like go get that. i mean, she wasn't Lauryn Hill yet; she was just a fly chick from Jersey that got booed that night. (1st album was wack...yall remember...) so i caught them digits and we rocked the show. as i recall it was me, B-Bill, Duece Man and Bosco. they just chilled onstage while i rocked my routine. i got loose. Bill was fuckin wit the girls in the audience. fly nigga shit.

then i remember the time A Tribe Called Quest was at University of Pennsylavania. we jus comin back from catchin shit, n we was like, 'whats this?' i aint hear about no show, so it was fly to run into one. so sun changed his shirt and we was like fuck it, we in here. i was like fuck payin, cause i knew mad niggas, so we went lookin for the side entrance. when we got there, it was nothin but whitebaws, and i aint know none of 'em. Bill was like "let's steam this shit, sun!" i was like naw, follow me. so i walked in asked where Jairobi was. dude was like, "who?" the other white dude was like "he's wit the band". Bill  jumped right in, "we got his clothes for the show, word up", and pulled a bunch of shit out of his nappy. they was like "go right in". we went right up front and Bill started screamin "Lo Life's! what?!?" so i started too. Q-Tip came over and was like "I see Brooklyn in the house!" and we started "bo-bo-bo-bo!" (im from Philly, but my pops is Guyanese who lived in the Stuy during my childhood, so some of that Brooklyn shit is in my ditty bop). but they shouted us properly. "Lo-Lifes in the buildin" Bill threw the nigga Phife a t-shirt and sun Phife put it on and rocked the show. and this was when 'Award Tour' was poppin, so they was rockin the LO End Theory shit. we blew Ls and got at some bitches. it was a fly evening. fly nigga shit, on the humbug.

then there was the time the baw John Doe from Queens came to Dances. i forgot what song they had out then, but  i do remember Bill callin me like "sun! go battle that nigga, sun! word up!" im like, this nigga got me on a whole 'nother route. i left a fly ass bitch from Temple (i used to run thru them bitches. and they was some BAD bitches in that school. Zhane and Jill Scott was in school durin them times). so we get down there, and Bobby Dance see Bill comin and just let us in. this nigga rushed the club so many times that the nigga just used to let him in to avoid the ruckus (it was called 'ruckus' in the 90s. word to Wu Tang). we get inside and the nigga wouldnt have no parts of it. soon as Bill started statin Lo-Lifes, niggas got shook. the baw John Doe wouldnt come address the issue. Bobby Dance asked us to let the baw do the show. so we did. blew an L, and got at some bitches. real hip hop shit.

then there was the time we went down to the taping of 'The Show'. i cant for the life of me remember how we wound up down there, but i know we had wears cause Bill was gettin shit off.  i was on my 'i know niggas shit', so we went to the back door. Fruit was on post, so of course he got militant. so Bill was ready to rush the door, and its just me n him! so i start namin niggas, but shit was startin to get outta hand. so right when we was ready to set it, one of the promoters came over, like, "what's the problem?" i was like "Troy!" it was Troy Carter, Eve's manager. back them times he was throwin a bunch of shows. i aint even know he did that joint. that was "The Show", the Russel Simmons movie at the Armory in Philly. so he was like "let them in! tha's my man!" so we slide in, i gave money the peon smirk, Bill gave him the 'fddduck outta here!' so Troy take us backstage, right, we dont know who performin that night. but its willd bitches in the back. i see my homegirl Tasha, she's like Puerto Rican and Jamaican with one of the best asses that god gave to man. so i slides her back stage to holla at her, niggas is like, 'who is this dude? just walkin in and baggin bad bitches'. n i look, n Bill sellin shit out the nappy! so he get rid of shit quick, so we just chillin watchin, i think it was Method Man on stage when he was hot. but comin up the side is this big, fat, black muhfucka breathin hard as shit, wit a suit on. its this nigga Biggie! so Bill immediately started with that "Lo-Lifes! Nigga what!" so i start soundin off, cause i dont know where he directin this shit at. he lookin at Biggie! and, my word is bond, my word to my mother who passed this year, the nigga Big was lookin out the corner of his eye, like... like he was scared! i'll never forget it. my man Troy was like, "c'mon fam, yall got to calm down. yall got these white people nervous". the shit was on Drexel campus, which was VERY white (the Indians the only color u see in that school), so we cooled out and enjoyed the show, blew a L, and got at some bithes. fly nigga shit. backstage at one of Big's last major performances. real hip hop shit.

all of this had me thinkin about his music. we always did music together. and i was waitin on niggas to bring some good copies of his shit. im an engineer now, i used to work in studios in NY, so i know what in doin. Dollah Bill aka Dave Lo gave me his shit maybe a year or so ago and i told him i was gonna put it out and give the money to his babies. i think Bill's mom got the kids. but i went thru baby mother shit and with buildin the new studio got sidetracked like shit. but i been listenin to it for the last 2 weeks, and last week, i went in. it was TUFF, cause it was poor quality recordings that i had to work with. i turned down some money. but i got it up to par. so now, i'm gonna live up to my word.

so all you Lo-Lifes get ready, cause im gettin ready to drop Boostin Billy's music! i called the album "When I First Moved To Philly", after a song he made, and i think its fittin cause he shoutin out Philly shit on this joint. make no mistake, my nigga was ILL. he made songs. and on the real, not for nothin, when i got it good and i could hear his voice again, the shit made me tear up, sun. i aint afraid to say it. its still wild to me that he aint here. 'SPECIALLY now that Lo-Life shit is global and niggas like Meyhem Lauren is really bubblin, and Thirstin is killin shit. he should be here for this shit. and i'mma make sure he is. and then make sure his seeds have a good holiday this year. and not on some charity shit. this is what their father left for them. we gone show them what Love and Loyalty means. 


be on the lookout for more info. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

YO! Check This Out! Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae Show tomorrow! live internet stream!

Video: Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae CMJ Rehearsal
Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae are prepping for a huge night of music tomorrow, October 22nd at Music Hall of Williamsburg, for the Duck Down VS Blacksmith CMJ Showcase. Tickets are moving fast. Purchase today before the show sells out:

Music Hall of Williamsburg is located on 66 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Doors Open at 8PM / Show starts promptly at 9PM / 18+ event.

The first 150 CMJ Badge Holders enter for free.

Additional Performances by:
Smif N Wessun
Kidz In The Hall
Statik Selektah hosting a 'Population Control' set featuring live songs by Action Bronson, Tayyib Ali, Saigon, Termanology, Reks & Nitty Scott.

Fans not able to attend can log onto to watch the exclusive livestream of the performances starting at 9PM EST.

On Thursday, October 27th, portions of the showcase will also re-broadcast on &

Video Link: 


      • Interesting debate, was hip-hop the culture that "birthed" graffiti and is graffiti limited to hiphop?

            • 8 hours ago · 
            • Filadel Castro But was Graffiti "birthed" by hip hop and is it possible to have a forum on graff that's not related to hip hop?

              • 7 hours ago · 
              • Culture Livingston graffiti was almost 10 YEARS OLD when hip hop was born. and it was born in a whole different city, and thats Philadelphia. Cornbread n them was rockin to James Brown and P-Funk when they went out bombin. and if you really know the Funk Mob, they was heavy guitar rockers, not just "Knee Deep". so it was already outside of what was called hip hop when it began. so its easy to see a rock forum about graff. cause it was the same shit for dudes like Bobby Beck and T-BONE in Philly and for dudes like TRACY 168 in NY who were white dudes who were writing graffiti BEFORE Kool Herc was throwin parties in the Bronx in 1976.

                the fly shit about graff was meeting dudes like ESPO and PIZAZZ and they almost exclusively banged to rock shit. shit, ESPO was the one who really schooled me on the P-Funk i never knew, "Cosmic Slop" and all that shit. it was that type of cultural exchange that made the culture strong. it had a lot of branches to draw inspiration from. thats why white dude like BRAZE could rock so hard. if u never pieced to Led Zepplin, you dont really know how open you can get.

                you also have to bear in mind that many break beats are rock records. "Big Beat" is by Billy Squire and is a ROCK song. but wen RunDMC droped "Here We Go", it aint make a difference. that cultural exchange was already established by the graffiti writers before Afrika Bambataa and Grandmaster Flash.
                25 minutes ago · 
              • Culture Livingston same goes for the skateboard culture, which a lot of graff dudes were into heavy. it used to bug me out to see MEEZ Polo down, wit a bangin skateboard. CYPHER (DJ Cosmo Baker) too. he was the one that got us the MItchell n Ness gear back in 1991, 10 YEARS before these rap dudes was rockin it.

                i bring up the skate culture cause it seems a lot of these rap dudes is all on it all of a sudden. but by the time AL SKI was bombin LA in 1972, skateboardin was nearly 10 years deep, too. Vans sneakers goes back to the 60's. so graff writers was skateboardin WAY before there was a such thing as hip hop. dudes was ridin skateboards BEFORE there was something called graffiti.

                hip hop is the meeting grounds. the party made everybody come together as one. remember, they was already playin everybody's music. so the meeting ground made a place where everything could get recognized. Herc used graff writers to do the flyers, because they were more well known than him, and that got people interested.

                the problem is that nowadays there is no more exchange. hip hop feeds on itself for the most part now. and EVERYTHING that feeds on itself is headed to extinction. even the sun in the sky, which is feeding on itself, will one day turn the lights off of this small, blue planet...

Statik Selektah Ft. Sean Price and Termanology- "Population Control"

here's a fly tune... this shit is NICE. Stat definitely gettin nicer as time goes by. and thats how its supposed to be. thats that bboy shit. its always a battle. even with yourself. the baw Termanology sets it off nicely. i mean its some good hip hop out here if you open to it. and this'll get u open. peep game...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Action Bronson-"Cocoa Butter" feat. Nina Sky (Produced by Static Selektah)

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah "Cocoa Butter" feat Nina Sky by DCide

its an ill one! the baw Bronson is doing his thing. this is the single off of his upcoming album which drops Nov. 22 called "Well Done" (cause baw was a chef before he went hard on the music). he's a Lo-Life affiliate, and runs wit the baw Meyhem Lauren, that we featured here a while back. this joint is NICE. its kinda feeling like hip hop is back... glad i stuck around...

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Come Up-"In Good Hands" FREE Download

ok, im making a call again.

 as i go thru the web, i see a lot of good reaction to the baw Hopsin, just like i thought it would be. watch, if he keep up his work ethic, and i think he will, he gone get it, mayne. now i'm gonna make a call about these dudes.

this shit right here is fly. very well done and packaged professionally. looks like they mean it. this Vinny Radio and Franchise, known as the Come Up. these dudes are from outta Pittsburgh, and based on the Wiz factor, just may find it easy for people to pay attention. but i think when people give it a listen, it'll be a no brainer. 

the shit comes together with a consistent sound, provided by Big Jerm, in the way that classic records are made... with ONE producer. i'm not callin this a classic. i'm sure niggas in Pittsburgh will tho. i AM sayin that this shit is good. much better than a lot of the shit thats out. you know, the shit that sounds like they readin their rhymes off a Blackberry. this shit sounds like they give a fuck, and thats all i could ever ask of any artist. cause we care about music. its a part of our lives. and i dont appreciate being hustled by nobody. thats to you mothafuckas that say u only get down to get paid...

they have another thing going for them. the force behind them is none other than Good Hands Records and the dude i like to call "MR. Underground", Charlie Greenberg. you may not know him, but you know his work. he's been puttin out Killah Priest and Cheif Kamachi for years. he's also the dude that put Camp Lo back on the map. and he's the dude that kept Lil Scrappy poppin. dude know his shit. i know him because i had to give him a call one day because one of the artists i work with, General Granz, was featured on a record of one of his artists with no clearance. shit, without his knowledge! his so-called homeboy sold his verses and aint break him off! i gave him a call, and my man straightened things out without no hassle, with no headaches, strait up business. and a good dude. he hit us with a bunch of cds n stuff. so thats why i think these guys are gonna win. Good Hands is good business.

oh yeah, he's also an executive at, which is now part of the network. the same network that distributed Wiz Khalifah to stardom. these dudes is strait...

...but the music is good too. peep...

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DMP (produced by Nottz)- "We Ain't Playin"

                                    drums is sick....

Nottz Presents DMP.

here go some fresh shit i just caught. this is Durte Muzik Prahdukshuns, presented by producer Nottz, from outta Virginia. i dont know whats poppin down there, but some of the most influential music of the last 20 years has come from outta there. now i aint makn no forecasts about these dudes. what im sayin is that they in good company. but if this joint right here is any indication, they just might be on their way to the land of fly shit. as far as im concerned, this joint is a boardin pass. peep game...

Funk Set-BoBo meets Rhettmattic

1. BMR - FUNK SET by Bobo meets Rhettmatic

here's somethin interesting... this is BoBo from Cypress Hill and DJ Rhettmatic. what they're trying to do has a lot of potential. i mean it really had me sittin back thinkin about how this could be improved upon. or what other direction this idea could move in. i think we have some innovation goin on here thats worth at least a listen. i mean if u love MUSIC that is.... if u just love hip hop, i'll understand...

Who The Thieves Really Are

this is just to show you that ur boy dont just be talkin out his ass. this is the best short on what the situation is in America. and exposes who was actually were traitors to this country and who were actually patriots. and how they paid for their patriotism. the usual way. please take a look. and show your kids. my daughter loved it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dr. Dre in the Studio... workin on what?

i really aint tryin to hear that this is a track off of Detox. Detox is Sasquatch my nigga. people have reported to have seen it but it remains a mystery to most of us. regardless, it's always good to see one of my inspirations still inspired. 


i know we all see it formin around us. i mean, we see these people out here protestin, standin up for somethin. its lookin like the 60s. it's not necessary feelin like it, cause there is no real ideology surrounding it. there is a need. so when the need is met, there will no longer be a need to occupy anywhere but the job that caused the first set of ideologicals from the 60s to leave us in a state of disco.

well, not entirely. that good weed we love so much is more than likely grown by an ex-hippie that was  in the movement with a few senators and law enforcement dudes. shit, i had a homeboy who used to deliver to judges and lawyers. by the pound. he used to drive around State College, PA lousy with the smell of weed and arrogance, with all due abandon; he literally could NOT go to jail during those times. his mom was a hippie. she enabled his connection to her past.

it leaves me wonderin whats gonna happen to all of this when the need is met. cause the root problem isnt really what the government is doing. it's really about what they are not doing. and in this case, they are not BEING THE GOVERNMENT. the Constitution only gives CONGRESS the right to mint money on THE PEOPLE'S behalf. not the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a government agency. i highlight 'people' because what i think a lot of people get misconstrued is that the government IS NOT THE POWER IN THIS COUNTRY. THE PEOPLE ARE. i hear many speak of the government as if it is the power that controls us. it is not. THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY ARE THE SOVEREIGN. you are, in essence, the king. you are the power by which the government acts with confidence. YOU are the means by which any and every guarantee of loan, barter or trade is leveraged on. YOU are the purchasing power of the United States and it's territories. yet, it is always the case that you see people willingly give the government the right to rule over them. 

i bring up the Fed because until government becomes it's legal self, which is an entity to represent the interest of the PEOPLE, like a lawyer, it will continue to act like it is now; as if it is the ruling body of the country. it is meant to be the governing body, an entity to handle the collective business of the STATES, instead of states answering to the will of the government.  i hear people talk as if they are serfs on the lord's land. well.... they are. Lord Rothschild's, the Grand Vizier to her majesty, the Queeen of England. see, thats where the headquarters to the Federal Reserve is located. IN ENGLAND. so if the money is being printed by a foreign power, who's really in charge of the government? 

the Fed has to go. the people can easily guarantee the validity of a new currency. the accepted currency has no other value except for confidence. in other words, you can't trade a dollar in for nothing else but a dollar. paper for paper. nothing more. what makes that paper able to buy you a Lexus is the confidence that the people have in it, to accept it in exchange for their labor. when the people have no confidence in it, it becomes worthless. think not? why do you think the dollar is in bad shape? because investors are losing confidence in it.

i wonder if the people  occupying Wall Street know that it's called 'Wall Stereet' because there was a long wall there that used to be there that slaves were lined up on to be traded and sold. they were put 'on the market', in their stocks and bonds. i wonder why that wasn't good enough to protest about before now. or that there is always high unemployment in poor neighborhoods. high crime rate, poverty, inefficient education. none of these were problems of any importance before now? or is it until it started affecting white people? it's kind of like the crack epidemic. it was all good as long as it only affected us. when it started affecting them, they appointed drug czars (Russian for 'king', from the word Ceasar) to start choppin heads and sendin people to jail that are still there to this very day. never mind that the people in jail were just pawns used in a well documented and accepted story of the CIA actually being the dealers, and dudes like 'Freeway' Ricky Ross were really just rich foot soldiers. and the US attorney valued Rick Ross (dont u even think i mean the rapper) at a quarter of a BILLION at the time of his indictment. so imagine what the bosses pulled in... while destroying a whole generation of black and latinos. and then it reached into this generation, affecting their children. where do you think this ADD shit comes from? but that wasn't worth a protest either.

but i fucks with the white folks. 

see, when white folks take on a cause, they get into it jack. chain theyselves to a tree in a minute! and it was white men takin on a cause that became this country. that cause was to escape their sovereign, the King of England, and to make the PEOPLE the king, the sovereign of this country. and that is the law of the land. and until the people start realizing that they have given away their right to govern themselves, and are under the influence of a foreign power, most of these protests will go on to only get people things that will placate them. which is effective leadership. thats what i'd do. hungry? have an apple. cold? have a blanket. sick? have a pill. see you at work monday.

out in Texas, the white folks have threatened to secede from the Union. thats where Ron Paul and Alex Jones are from. and they mean it. and they are armed to the gills. because thats also the law of the land. that the people, the sovereign, have the right to protect themselves from ANY enemy, both foreign and DOMESTIC. but the move is to paint them as gun nuts and racists, or religious fanatics, anything that will take attention off of the reason they're in an uproar. they're in an uproar because their government is under the influence of a foreign power. 

white people jump on boats and run down whalers. white people go live in trees in the rain forest to prevent them from gettin chopped down. white people throw paint on people's furs to protest animal rights. but white people also rushed Washington somethin terrible, protesting NAFTA. and of course, that was spun to us, lookin like, 'white people crazy'. but they were there protesting the end of American borders, which will rob the people of their power. no America, no Constitution. No Constitution, you have no say in shit. see? white folks move out.

if our kids weren't enough to protest the powers that be, then maybe their own kids are. maybe they can remember some of the stories told to them by their parents, who spoke of a time, when instead of continuing in a system that was built on hate, that they, en masse, decided to preach love, and to 'turn on, tune in and drop out' of it. i hope they also heard the stories about Kent State. cause police shoot white people too. and hopefully, they'll still have that tree hugger resolve. cause they're gonna need it. cause it can't get done without white people. they have the numbers. they have the economic leverage. they have the responsibility to stand up for what they believe in. for all of us. and they dont have to worry about support. cause if they show up, we will too. even the gangsters. not all the gangster rappers, tho. when we start the revolution, all they'll probably do is squeal...

whatever that belief is this time around, i'm stumped. i know a lot of people are out of work, so maybe all of this is ain't just about occupying Wall Street.... maybe it's just a way to occupy some time. 

cause from what i see, it seems like all they're saying is give me liberty...

or give me a job.

now air it out...

Jedi Mind Tricks album Sampler "Violence Begets Violence"

i just caught the album snippets for Jedi Mind Tricks new joint, "Violence Begets Violence"and the shit is tuff. im glad to see the fellas have finally gotten on to some good audio. just cuz it's undaground, dont mean it gotta sound like it. and now it don't. it sounds damn good.

it consistent with what they've always done. and thats good. they continue to deliver that strait raw signature sound. this is not one of those preppy dressed internet groups. this is baggy jeans rap. yes, baggy jeans rap. it aint dead. skinny jean niggas get promoted by the homos first. get hip...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Satellite Feed: Jeff Spec-"Specnology"

certain shit i'm just not into. tight pants. music with no imagination. men. i'm also not into postin whatever happens to land in the inbox. i tried that before and it was dizasterous. i know there's no such thing as sellin' out anymore, but i'm from the school when there was. so thats what i felt like. like i was on some sloppy joe joe  shit. 

this guy Jeff Spec has been sendin me stuff for a while now. i didnt like his stuff, moreso from the sound of it. it was like a lot of stuff at the time, shredded on the top end. sounded real horrible. sorry Jeff. but i told him, not like i'm speakin behind his back. but it's like all things that you really want, you have no choice but to get better. 

i fucks wit this. this is a really nice piece of music. and its done well. i love to see artist grow, thats when you cab tell it's ART and not just commerce. and thats what im into. fuck that.

about 300 people stop thru here a day. thats close to 9000 hits a month. and i appreciate it, truthfully i do. and i like to think because you guys see that we have a discerning sense of taste here. or at the very least, drop shit that deserves at least a listen. this is one of those times. 

check it out... and leave a reaction at the bottom of the post...

Intellectual Idiotzz- "Godzilla Mindkill"

yall know i like weird shit. nah, let's say, interesting shit. and this is. when i first heard it, of course me, i said, nice mix. then i listened and then i was like ok, somebody's tryin to move some boundaries back. and thats whats up. and thats always welcome around here. give it a listen.

oh, and the artwork is an excerpt from a painting by one of my favorite graff writers...SAMO, whom yall probably know as Jean Michele Basquiat. these ladies have layers...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Satellite Feed:FI-LO feat Thirstin Howl "The Ridiculous"

no bullshit, no hype and no promotion dollars involved... this is THE best video i've seen in a long time, independent or major. this song, this video has so much flavor, that it's crazy! for this to be an independent outfit, this is strait up impressive. and the way that it sticks to the subject matter, most videos  dont even attempt to do now a days. its usually a story line thats moving in direct opposition to the gotdamn song! this shit is fresh. it gets my total seaLL of approvaLL.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Satelllite Feed: Apathy ft. Celph Titled (Produced by DJ Premier)-"Stop What Ya Doin'"

Premiere git a winner! this is easily single material, and it makes a good stance for being suited for a bunch of different formats, including radio. this joint should do really well. i like it a lot. i guess it's like most things, it really depends on how it's supported. but it's up to almost 163,000 hits on You Tube in a lil over a month, so it looks like its on its way. it's a great song woth a great feel. single material all day. good luck, fellas.

Satellite Feed: Jedi Mind Tricks-"Target Practice"

Vinnie Paz n the ready to come back n spaz.this joint i caught on YouTube and was like i gotta rock this. the underground feels bright and vibrant these days. isee a couple things out there bubblin', makin noise and that the people are supportin. stay tuned. i intend to showcase a lot of that here. 

stay tuned. in the meantime, get hot wit this...

Satellite Feed: Rack Lo "Flyest In The City"

this joint was automatic, as soon as he said "fly like Boostin' Billy'! (RIP)

this is a fly joint by the baw Rack Lo, an original Lo Life founder. this shit got so much flavor it's crazy. it's swaggless. you can tell it's really him. them swag niggas always look like they puttin on a show. and Sun style is crazy. he rock it like niggas used to... with a whole lot of flair. and daring. like i dare you to say this aint fly. and his combos and looks... if thats all his shit, he's a genius. cause i treated all my shit like clothes and never really gave it a second thought. now niggas gettin off my throw away shit for stacks. anyway, sun closet is deep. sun is real fresh. bboy fresh. rock wit him...
catch more from sun at

Satellite Feed: Roc Marciano

sun been doin his thing for a minute. i really dig on sun for the lyrics and the way he move. it seems like the 90s are in full swing again the more i look around. i hate forcasting trends, because i'd like to think the resurgence of the style is all about people just naturally movin back to good hip hop. we'll see. for now, enjoy the baw. he deserve it.

daps on the Philly hat...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cleopatra's Back!

this is an aerial view of the house that Naomi Campbell's billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin had built for her. if you don't know what that is, it's the Eye Of Horus.

now as you know, we build on a lot of topics around here. one being the Secret Societies and how they move. this symbol is one that is used to denote those who use the Horus symbol, the original 'Morning Star' as a symbol for Lucifer, the "Light Bringer' or the Devil for those that dont give a shit about fancy titles.

i'm not gonna do no speculatin here, cause it really aint that important. i just wanted to show how they treat their 'worshipful master'.

the house, as a structure is marvelous. it's very well thought out and is self sustaining and nearly self sufficient, as the top levels grow food. it's in the Gulf of Gokova, so there's plenty of fish, throw some chickens and cows on the grounds, and you strait.... from right here....say if there was some sort of instability in the world that would make it a bad idea to go into he cities where there might be civil unrest and protest. maybe even civil disobedience and violence. hmmm...

it's built on Cleopatra's Island (formally Sedir Island) in Turkey. in Roman times, this was an exclusive get away. the island actually has sand that was brought from Eqypt by Mark Anthony because Cleopatra refused to set foot on soil that was not Eqyptian. now that's pussy whipped. oh well, they say once you go black...

this is their version of my man Don McCaine's Survival Series. they gettin ready. In style. because all the glitz besides, it's really just a fancy bunker.


clearly visible from the sky. it's the perfect way to say, "i'm down with YOU. don't drop a bomb here!

can you even pitch a tent?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BET CIPHER for the 2011 BET Awards

you know the deal, and you know how BET do it. these are the 1st 2 ciphers to promote the show. i think it's a good tradition they're starting, because while they make sure to include the dudes that's buzzin', they always make a point to give the dudes thats tryin to build their an opportunity to do so in front of a large audience. big shouts to BET for that.

but... some of dudes need to go back home to the pad. not the house... some paper n pen!!! i mean, to each his own, but it aint really all outstanding, even tho a couple dudes had they moments. judge for yourself.

stay awake for the end of video 2... some clownin start to happen outta nowhere...

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