Read In Your Language

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BET CIPHER for the 2011 BET Awards

you know the deal, and you know how BET do it. these are the 1st 2 ciphers to promote the show. i think it's a good tradition they're starting, because while they make sure to include the dudes that's buzzin', they always make a point to give the dudes thats tryin to build their an opportunity to do so in front of a large audience. big shouts to BET for that.

but... some of dudes need to go back home to the pad. not the house... some paper n pen!!! i mean, to each his own, but it aint really all outstanding, even tho a couple dudes had they moments. judge for yourself.

stay awake for the end of video 2... some clownin start to happen outta nowhere...


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