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Friday, October 14, 2011


i know we all see it formin around us. i mean, we see these people out here protestin, standin up for somethin. its lookin like the 60s. it's not necessary feelin like it, cause there is no real ideology surrounding it. there is a need. so when the need is met, there will no longer be a need to occupy anywhere but the job that caused the first set of ideologicals from the 60s to leave us in a state of disco.

well, not entirely. that good weed we love so much is more than likely grown by an ex-hippie that was  in the movement with a few senators and law enforcement dudes. shit, i had a homeboy who used to deliver to judges and lawyers. by the pound. he used to drive around State College, PA lousy with the smell of weed and arrogance, with all due abandon; he literally could NOT go to jail during those times. his mom was a hippie. she enabled his connection to her past.

it leaves me wonderin whats gonna happen to all of this when the need is met. cause the root problem isnt really what the government is doing. it's really about what they are not doing. and in this case, they are not BEING THE GOVERNMENT. the Constitution only gives CONGRESS the right to mint money on THE PEOPLE'S behalf. not the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a government agency. i highlight 'people' because what i think a lot of people get misconstrued is that the government IS NOT THE POWER IN THIS COUNTRY. THE PEOPLE ARE. i hear many speak of the government as if it is the power that controls us. it is not. THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY ARE THE SOVEREIGN. you are, in essence, the king. you are the power by which the government acts with confidence. YOU are the means by which any and every guarantee of loan, barter or trade is leveraged on. YOU are the purchasing power of the United States and it's territories. yet, it is always the case that you see people willingly give the government the right to rule over them. 

i bring up the Fed because until government becomes it's legal self, which is an entity to represent the interest of the PEOPLE, like a lawyer, it will continue to act like it is now; as if it is the ruling body of the country. it is meant to be the governing body, an entity to handle the collective business of the STATES, instead of states answering to the will of the government.  i hear people talk as if they are serfs on the lord's land. well.... they are. Lord Rothschild's, the Grand Vizier to her majesty, the Queeen of England. see, thats where the headquarters to the Federal Reserve is located. IN ENGLAND. so if the money is being printed by a foreign power, who's really in charge of the government? 

the Fed has to go. the people can easily guarantee the validity of a new currency. the accepted currency has no other value except for confidence. in other words, you can't trade a dollar in for nothing else but a dollar. paper for paper. nothing more. what makes that paper able to buy you a Lexus is the confidence that the people have in it, to accept it in exchange for their labor. when the people have no confidence in it, it becomes worthless. think not? why do you think the dollar is in bad shape? because investors are losing confidence in it.

i wonder if the people  occupying Wall Street know that it's called 'Wall Stereet' because there was a long wall there that used to be there that slaves were lined up on to be traded and sold. they were put 'on the market', in their stocks and bonds. i wonder why that wasn't good enough to protest about before now. or that there is always high unemployment in poor neighborhoods. high crime rate, poverty, inefficient education. none of these were problems of any importance before now? or is it until it started affecting white people? it's kind of like the crack epidemic. it was all good as long as it only affected us. when it started affecting them, they appointed drug czars (Russian for 'king', from the word Ceasar) to start choppin heads and sendin people to jail that are still there to this very day. never mind that the people in jail were just pawns used in a well documented and accepted story of the CIA actually being the dealers, and dudes like 'Freeway' Ricky Ross were really just rich foot soldiers. and the US attorney valued Rick Ross (dont u even think i mean the rapper) at a quarter of a BILLION at the time of his indictment. so imagine what the bosses pulled in... while destroying a whole generation of black and latinos. and then it reached into this generation, affecting their children. where do you think this ADD shit comes from? but that wasn't worth a protest either.

but i fucks with the white folks. 

see, when white folks take on a cause, they get into it jack. chain theyselves to a tree in a minute! and it was white men takin on a cause that became this country. that cause was to escape their sovereign, the King of England, and to make the PEOPLE the king, the sovereign of this country. and that is the law of the land. and until the people start realizing that they have given away their right to govern themselves, and are under the influence of a foreign power, most of these protests will go on to only get people things that will placate them. which is effective leadership. thats what i'd do. hungry? have an apple. cold? have a blanket. sick? have a pill. see you at work monday.

out in Texas, the white folks have threatened to secede from the Union. thats where Ron Paul and Alex Jones are from. and they mean it. and they are armed to the gills. because thats also the law of the land. that the people, the sovereign, have the right to protect themselves from ANY enemy, both foreign and DOMESTIC. but the move is to paint them as gun nuts and racists, or religious fanatics, anything that will take attention off of the reason they're in an uproar. they're in an uproar because their government is under the influence of a foreign power. 

white people jump on boats and run down whalers. white people go live in trees in the rain forest to prevent them from gettin chopped down. white people throw paint on people's furs to protest animal rights. but white people also rushed Washington somethin terrible, protesting NAFTA. and of course, that was spun to us, lookin like, 'white people crazy'. but they were there protesting the end of American borders, which will rob the people of their power. no America, no Constitution. No Constitution, you have no say in shit. see? white folks move out.

if our kids weren't enough to protest the powers that be, then maybe their own kids are. maybe they can remember some of the stories told to them by their parents, who spoke of a time, when instead of continuing in a system that was built on hate, that they, en masse, decided to preach love, and to 'turn on, tune in and drop out' of it. i hope they also heard the stories about Kent State. cause police shoot white people too. and hopefully, they'll still have that tree hugger resolve. cause they're gonna need it. cause it can't get done without white people. they have the numbers. they have the economic leverage. they have the responsibility to stand up for what they believe in. for all of us. and they dont have to worry about support. cause if they show up, we will too. even the gangsters. not all the gangster rappers, tho. when we start the revolution, all they'll probably do is squeal...

whatever that belief is this time around, i'm stumped. i know a lot of people are out of work, so maybe all of this is ain't just about occupying Wall Street.... maybe it's just a way to occupy some time. 

cause from what i see, it seems like all they're saying is give me liberty...

or give me a job.

now air it out...


I've read your site for quite a while now. It's mostly a good read, until now.

As an American, we have to follow our elected leaders and make sure that w support the system. What else do we have to replace it? It's almost as if you call for anarchy, for the people to make the rules. Most people can't even decide on what to eat for dinner, much less make decisions for the rest of us. If the PEOPLE are the kings, who do they rule over?

I don't believe this malarkey about the Fed being so evil. The money has to come from somewhere. So if we get rid of them, where do we get more money from? China?

This was a very irresponsible post. It's almost un-American.

1st off... thanks for stoppin thru. and i respect ur opinion and that u give a damn enuff to have one.

i let this ride for a couple days, because my 1st instinct was to ether u. im good at it too. but thats counterproductive.

im sure you've seen 'The Matrix' before. when Neo was exposed to the truth for the 1st time, he went into a state of shock and threw up. thats what im taking your comment as. vomit.

but vomit comes from food, so you been digesting something. you just need to ingest somethin else.

i'd say start with the red pill...

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