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Friday, October 7, 2011

Satellite Feed: Rack Lo "Flyest In The City"

this joint was automatic, as soon as he said "fly like Boostin' Billy'! (RIP)

this is a fly joint by the baw Rack Lo, an original Lo Life founder. this shit got so much flavor it's crazy. it's swaggless. you can tell it's really him. them swag niggas always look like they puttin on a show. and Sun style is crazy. he rock it like niggas used to... with a whole lot of flair. and daring. like i dare you to say this aint fly. and his combos and looks... if thats all his shit, he's a genius. cause i treated all my shit like clothes and never really gave it a second thought. now niggas gettin off my throw away shit for stacks. anyway, sun closet is deep. sun is real fresh. bboy fresh. rock wit him...
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