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Monday, November 21, 2011


everything has been settled, worked out, agreed upon and understood. Mom dukes is good, sis dukes is a CANNON, Auntie, Uncles, even lil B-Bill is all on board. only person missing is YOU. i know a lot of Lo-Lifes have been anticipating this, as i've gotten numerous messages from LLs all over the map inquiring about the status of the project. i aint got nothin but love and respect for how you guys have displayed respect for your fallen comrade. nuff respect due.

and i'd also like to apologize for any confusion that i may have been the author of in this process. but im West Indian... when i see somethin need to be done, i move out. but it was never my intention to cause confusion. the devil is the author of confusion. and i'm god. i'm actually the one who gave Bill his lessons, in the Criminal Justice Center in Phila., PA in 1995. i hope that helps to explain why sun means a lot to me. to all of us.

as always, love and loyalty.



Show some luv for my son Michael, to his friends B-BILL aka Shyst Lo proceeds to go to his kids thank u

I did my part fam. I said I would cop this joint when it was made official and I did. A man who's words ain't worth shit is a man who ain't worth shit. Even if I ain't feeling the music (just copped it, didn't listen yet) I was feeling the cause. Hope this helps his fam out a little. It ain't much but it's the least I could do.

dam G...

a real nigga these days in times id hard to come by. but a real MAN is about as rare as woman in charge of her emotions.

thats a good look, and on behalf of the family, i'd like to thank you for your purchase. and im sure u gone bop to it. my dude had spit.

I see you go hard for this dude Cult...
But who is he?

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