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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inside J-Dilla's Studio

yall know i love some studio shit. and this is one of those joints thats like not only dam, he got some shit, but damn, that man is no longer with us. such is the circle of life. its wild cause we startin to see now that the 1st generation of hip hop is startin to return to the essence. i really hope that all who were around individuals like this really took some time to get the history strait from them. it really counts. because as the years progress and the generation that rediscovers itself will want to know what made them great. i mean we did it in the late 80s early 90s, tracin our steps back to jazz, after it had left us for so many years. maybe we left it. but it was taken care of, like so many things of ours, by others. and to their credit, they really did take care of it. so when that happens to hip hop, let it be known by those who were there, protected by those who love it, and spoke on by those qualified to speak.

take a peek at a portion of our collective legacy. and really dig on the conversation, when they start talkin about the places and events that shaped the experience of an individual that shaped the tracks that became part of the soundtrack to our own personal histories.

feel honored to say that you saw it. here. for yourself...


Thanks for sharing this.
RIP Dilla.

@ popkiller
you better believe it

@Rap and Blues
you're quite welcome. it was my pleasure. dude didnt have monster hits. but he did have classics. but i think his real legacy is his influence he left on the culture. no?

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