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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jay Electronica-"Mind Detect Heart"

where is this dude? we all know sun got somethin special wit him. or do he? takin this long on an album is the direct opposite of organic hip hop. this much planning and doing over is not helpin things but so much. i hope sun dont come out n drop the ball.

either way, here is a air of aces i found on the Tube today. check em out. they sound like he mean it. if his album come out with a bunch of synth sounds, im thru wit sun, word up...


To tell you the truth. Im not really in a rush for a Jay Electronica album right now. I got 2 or 3 mixtapes ive had for about a year or so now that still smash most of whats "hot" today. I still play it like its brand new and I still catch things I didnt notice before sometimes.

I didnt like the RocNation signing. I hated the Mountain Dew commercial. Those 2 moves contradict the music to me. Hopefully thats as far as the contradictions go.

Shit, dude, i can hardly wait. He's what the game is missing. Especially for him to be signed to a major with the shit he spits. I think a lot of these so-called rap dudes need a wake up call as to what real lyricizm is. Even though i got to say that Ghost Of Christopher Wallace joint was kind of weak.

i feel both of yall. wait... no i dont...

nah, but i agree. the latest shit he been doin was type weak. that Christopher Wallace joint was wack. and Puff was wacker on it. the last thing i liked was that joint when he had the Kennedy assination at the end. i saw that when i was lifted. i think he did it when he was.

it seems he changes a lot of his position soon as he got on the inside. i watch dudes because its just like Kaiser Soze... it aint really what they sayin, but the clues they leavin us as they tell the tale. same wit Jay-Z. sometimes i think he leavin a line of breadcrumbs... Jay Elec b leavin crazy symbols n shit up in his vids. inhale and watch again with that perspective. time will tell...

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