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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two of The Funniest Hip Hop Moments...EVER!

this is just the illest, realest shit ever... RIP ODB...

now, i looked at the title twice when i put this video up. hip hop? lil B? naww.....he somethin else. but this joint is funny than a muhfucka...


Lil B got knocked the fuck out!!!

I wish someone would knock that motherfucker out of the rap game. He's the worst ever!

1. I really hate sucker shit and that was a chump move. If he really had a issue with B then he shouldve challenged him to a fade. Gonna bomb on the dude then run out the house like a Lil B <<<<

2. Those was some clean ass shots though.


yeah, right?!? to this day i don't know what that was about. they was just chillin before it all went down. but...


he sure the fuck did! lol

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