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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bboy Classic: Tenor Saw, Super Cat, Little John LIVE 1985

i originally caught this from on Facebook. i had to post this shit. strait up. cause as anyone who knows dancehall, THIS was THE classic years for the form. back then a lot of innovation was taking place and there was a balance between gun talk and conscious lyrics. just like hip hop used to be. but what do expect from siblings in the same family?

since then, its been a steady downhill slide. there have been a few bright lights in the darkness since, but its slid all the way down to these bleach skin DJs wearing Babylon tags pon dem torso. in those times past, that would have been a cardinal sin, and no one would have supported it. back when it all had some integrity. hopefully, by lookin at hip hop's resurgence on the internet, dancehall artists will follow suit and just release the tunes to the masses that they really want to do. they are not held into a lane of slack n more slack. let's hope that artist is reading this. i hope you'll see that we are waiting for you.

check out the style. these dudes were cool. check the demeanor. that's swagger if there ever was a way to define it. look at the fashion. all of it was homegrown. it was also during this time that a lot of exchange started taking place between West Indians on the islands and those who were migrating back and forth to America, bringing back the American style an combining it into the dancehall. and likewise, it combined with the hip hop, making some really classic records and memories. but this is an insight into what it looked like before all that.

these were those days. take a peek at what we used to be...


Nardo Ranks addressed this shit in Dem a Bleach (dope track). Super Cat's Don Dadda album was fuckin fire and Tenor Saw's Ring the Alarm could be today's current political climate's anthem. I was a young buck when the bulk of this shit came out (only 31 now, so... not so young anymore, lol) but a young G knew good music when he heard it.

what up G!

im just a lil older than you. when tyhis shit was poppin, i was just gettin ready to get into my teenage years. so i was old enuff to be aware of it. but it was already classic shit by the time i was rockin to it on my own. and that was just a few years later. all thru the last golden era of the 90s, this was the shit that kept the party CRAZY. or the dance. wherever u was. thats why id love to see dancehall make a comenack as well. cause hip hop lookin good again. maybe she can too.

This shit is dope, even though i don't know much about reggae.

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