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Monday, December 12, 2011

Bboy Salute: Krylon

once the favorite choice of many a graff artist, and rarely the choice of a graff vandal (except for those throwin bubbles, or using the Ultra Flat Black, True Blue or the Banner Red, which were excellent for tags), this day we pay tribute to an animal that still exists on the planet, albeit with very different colors. literally.

pictured above is one of the favorite colors of choice of this graff writer, Icy Grape, and a few others which went into my run for the title in the early 90s. although there are many paint companies today that make paint, and really good paint at that, there are not many that come close to the high pressure dependability of the Krylon can. at night, and in the cold, i could always depend on it to behave. a few shakes, and it would get it poppin. collor would stay consistent and the pressure in the can never became uneven, even nearly empty. and in the night time, it was somethin about the colors that i could trust that when i went back in the daytime, i wouldnt be disappointed. Montanna makes great paint, Ironlak is nearly there, but there is no paint like this formula of Krylon. well, maybe the old school Rustoleum. but thats a story for another day...

all of the real bboys know the time. even if you look at the album cover for my gone, but not forgotten homeboy, B-Bill, you will see a can of Krylon sittin off to the side. even todays rhyme sayers like Meyhem Lauren also rhyme about  gettin loose wit the can.

so here i stand, tipping my hat to the tool of the trade, the colors that was sprayed on the walls that got us paid, to get the girls that we laid. nuff respect due...


I try to do burners, but i don't remember these cans. I guess this is some throwback shit. I did a pretty good one the skate ramp we built out here.

ay man, that was that shit! this shit right here? shit, this shit was some really good paint. i loved it. made some of the most classic pieces. the last of the real from the soul graff. this shit nowadays is a bunch of art students looking to make a career out of it. it's not the same and it shows.

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