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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Real Spit: Pimp C (RIP)

i caught this on the YouTube and i had to post it. this is real talk at its best.

too many times these corny, wanna be ass niggas get a voice. and it gets heard. 30 years late to the movement and think they have some sway. sucker ass niggas. its always the ones who the furthest away from gangsta thats always tryin to define what that is. most of the gangstas that ive seen were always men of respect, those that understood the rules and lived by them. they was people tryin to fond a way UP, not to keep followin a path down. and these dudes wanna stay down. way down.

at times, it takes somebody to tell it like it is. and Pimp C said it and did it. and nobody challenged it. cause they couldnt. its always that way. cause the bitch boys is always sayin things to the OTHER people besides they one they got a problem with. thats when u know somebody respects somebody's gangsta. for real.

RIP Pimp C. my only hope is thatt the truth didnt die with u....

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