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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

M.O.P and Snowgoons: "Get Yours"

man oh man! i always got down with M.O.P. my brother swear by them. have the barber shop feeling like the holding pen. niggas be in there sharpenin screwdrivers n shit listenin to these dudes. 

but man, when i put him on to this, he gone bug. cause not only is it new shit, these niggas SPIT on this joint! i mean, talkin bout gettin better wit time! this shit is tuff. and The Snowgoons did a good job of carrying the Premiere style production that is associated with them. great stuff. can't believe i missed this. the album is out already. imma check it out and get back to yall...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sia "Breathe Me"

i came across this song and i was blown away by it. as a person who loves Sade, i mean absolutely adores her, this was an easy pill to swallow. i am a lover of music and it is hard to not like this song if you are too. i just heard it. and i love it. 

i think she's Australian. it was hard to get any info on her online, except fopr where to buy and that sucks, because when people discover something of value, they want to know what it is. thats why people take things to the Antique Roadshow. i went looking for other songs, and as it stands she's been making albums since 2004. of the songs i heard, this is by far the strongest. but i don't pretend to act like i've heard them all. and when i asked my niece if she heard of her, she freaked out. like she was like YOU like that? and i was like, i love MUSIC. my shit don't just stop with rappers. most rap music, if it's sampled, has stated out as something else. i happen to like that something else. it's called music.

so check it out. if you dig it, hit the facebook 'like' button below.

Bboy Fresh: New Balance 574 Made In England

if i really got to explain these, ur shoe game aint been right in YEARS. these have been classic issue from the classic era for quite a while. these are different from the old skools are that these are made with premium suede. if you ain't hip, get hip. these joints are absolutely fly with everything, even some slacks. not all of 'em tho. but jeans, sweats, fatigues, chinos, a bunch of shit. fly niggas know. and if you don't, then that makes you a...

Bboy Classic: Wilhelm Wagner "Ride Of The Valkyries"

The face and upper torso of a white man in his 60s are shown. Long sideburns frame a clean shaven face. He wears a frock coat with cravat.
Wilhelm Richard Wagner

the other day my niece was telling me how she was falling asleep in music appreciation class in college. she was complaining about the orchestral music portion of the class. i'm like, what? you don't know? some of that shit is fly. i told her about Wagner (pronounced Vag-ner), who was alive in the 1800's who was  strait hardcore. listen to this joint and tell me it don't make you feel like you're the star of an epic action drama on a distant planet, fighting the forces of evil? now, your life, like mine, might just be the everyday day fight against the haters. here's what it sounds like when you brush them off and keep it moving.

she asked me, "how did you start liking THAT stuff?" i'm like, i'm a real bboy. a part of the core portion of hip hop, as a producer or dj, is the mining for records and sounds that can be interpreted back into hip hop. that exploration into different worlds really informed our outlook and opinion and made the participation in the culture more than just the weekend dance party. i mean, that's what most other music genres are. they really ain't something you can live everyday. i went on to tell her that that's the part about hip hop that i miss for them; that portion of exploration. as the commercial music of today, their choices are neatly boxed. i miss for them that portion of the culture that taught us how to think freely.

and, if you didn't know, this stuff IS ROYALTY FREE. most of the orchestral music that you hear was created before there was such thing as a copyright. therefore, they are in what's called the public domain. you can sample this shit until you turn blue and back to your regular color. and you don't have to pay NOBODY.  

start your day with this playing. or, make a mp3 and ride to this. you will be buggin with this shit crankin in your system. you'll think you're at the movies. but ride wit this shit after you inhale a couple... get ready for an experience...

oh, and here's a piece of Wagner's  work that i know you all know... and Reina is probably wishing she'll hear one day...

Bboy Exclusive: Akai MPC Renaissance

i am a long time MPC user. the sound of hip hop, that raw gritty, underground hip hop style, as defined by DJ Premiere was pioneered on an MPC. most of the records that we love from the classic era of hip hop (both of them) have this machine as the sound in it's center. it is the sound of hip hop.

the sound of pop music (lets be real... the bulk of popular rap music is now pop(ular) music)is the sound of the computer. at its core, the MPC is a computer as well, but what gives it its sound is the output stage, which is purely analog. thats what gives the drums that weight. the sound of computer generated sounds, such as Logic and Fruity Loops have a different kind of attack on the drums that is obviously different. not better or worse. just different. i have heard people say when listenin to my tracks, "dam, that sounds like real music". and then others love the 'crispy' sound of the computer generated sound. it really is a matter of taste and what you're producing (even tho i rather like the idea of making something that sounds like real music).

those that do use the MPC know the limitations of editing, where the computer software actually demolishes the MPCs capabilities in that department (even tho the MPC is STILL the world's best hardware sequencer). well, that sentence is now gonna have to change. because that world reknowed sequencer as well the computer editing capabilities are all now available in the MPC world. introducing Renaissance.

now, we have to be fair. even tho this is the MPC, and we love it, the credit for this idea has to go to Native Instrument's Maschine, which was the first to actually combine the MPC functions along with software control. all at 24 bits. the secret to Premiere's drums, n thank me for this later, was the fact he used the MPC60II, which was a 12 bit machine. thats where the grit comes from. but the resolution at 24 bits gives a much more detailed sound. this incarnation of the MPC is a direct response to that. nothing more. i am not trying to make it seem like they were divinely inspired. they were pushed by good old fashioned competition. its what a lot of these rappers need now a days.

these controllers all have different features that make them special. theyre not available yet, so i dont have a price. but they are fly. check em out...

for those that do different types of production, this is the joint that would probably accommodate us all. this controller/machine makes it possible to gritty analog productions as well as 24 bit clean pristine production, with that unmistakable, hit making MPC swing.

MPC STUDIO__________________________________________

now this controller has my attention as well. because it has all of the capability as the Renaissance, but it just lacks the output capability. thats fine with me, because one of my major complaints about the MP was the inability to disengage the limiter on the stereo out. since this is a controller for the software, thats no longer an issue. but the sequencer and workflow is the same (well, similar, because now you can lay it out on a grid and actually mix the beat, because both controllers allow you to use plug-ins), which means you can work just as fast. thats always been my complaint with Logic and Reason; it just takes too damn long to get the basic groove down. so to be able to remain in the box with everything that means, combined with the ability to actually 'play' the instrument has me also saying that i could really get to like this one even more. AND the price point is bound to be much less than the big boy.

MPC FLY_____________________________________________

this joint looks interesting. its a controller for an MPC ipad ap. me personally, i like to make traks when im ready. so mini do-dads like these i never liked, personally that is. i dont like doing things twice. but it is interesting. and im sure given enuff time, somebody's gonna find a way to make this really pop.

all in all, these look like they're gonna be some real game changers. even tho the innovation belongs to Native Instruments, the inspiration was the MPC. so we'll see how it goes. even tho i still think the Maschine is still sexy, and i been blowin her kisses for quite a while, this is who i might just take to the prom.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bbboy Fresh: Star Wars Hoodies by Mark Echo

Star Wars Real Storm Trooper Hoodie By Marc Ecko - Marc Ecko Enterprises
these joints is crazy! i saw these and knew i could freak these crazy. shout out to Marc Ecko, always reaching for somethin else. thats what its about. thats that real bboy status right there. its always a battle of styles.

the Storm Trooper joint is ILL. its too many ways to freak this. and to be hardcore wit it. everybody loved the Storm Troopers and what better way to step on the block as an agent of the Empire. i mean, a lot of you are anyway. might as well wear the uniform. lol... im just messin wit yall... kinda... i'd definitely rock this before i rock them skeleton hoodies yall was lovin.
 rock the jordan 3s in black wit this? what? wait i know the perfect  kicks to rock wit this...
Star Wars X Wing Pilot Hoodie by Marc Ecko  - Marc Ecko Enterprises

the X-Wing Pilot's uniform! now thats me right there, runnin down on the Death Star! this shit is ill. it's even a lil bit more fly to me cause im from Philly, and thse just happen to be Flyer's colors. vinatge Flyer's hat from Mitchell and Ness? killin it. and some high top whatevers? some Nike ACG boots to make it look like a uniform? and then rock the black military hat? c'mon, son...

Star Wars Fett For Real Hoodie by Marc Ecko - Marc Ecko Enterprises

who didn't like Bobba Fett? missile launcher backpack? he was the illest! and this joint will nail down that nostalgia. now out of the 3, this one i think is the most gimmicky. its slowly approaching a costume rather than a fashionable interpretation. but it still can be done right. i'd go blue denim and a pair of grey Jordan's, 3,4,5 or 8. or we can go Timberland constructions in burgundy (officially called brick red).  see what i'm sayin? it can be done. but only i can do it...

we keep it fresh around here.

bboy fresh.


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Mark Morrison " I Am What I Am"

dude name might not be immediately recognizable. but i know all yall remember that song "Return Of The Mack". a lot of yall. it has almost 7 MILLION views on YouTube. this is his new joint and i like it. it speaks to the man that i am. the man i want to be. check it out.

Carl Thomas feat. Snoop Dogg "Don't Kiss Me"

looks like the homie Carl Thomas is back. he always had the fly songs that a man could groove to, and my man never sounded like he was begging or pleading. well, not in a sucker way. i don't really dig too much modern r&b, but i wore his 1st CD out. and true to form, this joint is fly. check it out. and if you dig it, hit the Facebook 'like' button below.

shout out to Vlad TV.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Best Marijuana Documentary Ever!

i aint got a lot of rap. watch the vid. and we'll talk in the comments section.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Nike Air Safari

these shits is FLY. strait old skool flavor with a new school build. springtime denim, wool, Lo sweaters in the fall, u can make these talk for you. even in the summer. suede shoes are fly in the summer. but summer isn't my first choice for these. either way, you can't go wrong in these unless you ain't got no style. and these joints too old skool to have swag...foh...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saigon "Warning Shots 3"

i aint even got a whole lot of rap. this shit is CRAZY. this got some SHIT on it. i got 4 songs and and my mind was made up to let this be our featured mixtape. bout time i got to "Say Yes", i said yes. just check it out and enjoy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stopping You From Stealing Is Not Censorship

Sopa and Pipa protesters in San Francisco 18 January 2012

make NO mistake. im no supporter of SOPA or PIPA or pipers or whatever you wanna call any of that shit. i am always in support of the people's right to continue to express themselves on a platform that will always give leverage to the small business man/woman to compete. the access to information, globally, in real time, is really a power for the people, because this will keep us from being subject to mass  distortions of the truth. we can inform each other from Japan to California, from Denmark to Capetown with the ease of just logging on. this is a power that we all should be aware of and stay adamant about protecting it.

what i keep seeing in many comments sections  all across the web is this undercurrent i'm detecting that somehow SOPA and PIPA is wrong because we can't download illegally anymore. and i can't believe that people really think that their inability to steal is an infringement on their rights. thats the most outrageous thing i think anyone could ever presume as smart.

today, reported that last night, Filesonic and Fileserve changed their policies. they will no longer allow anyone to steal from them, by placing the restriction that a person can only download what they upload. now, if you really wanted to keep people downloading illegally from off of the net, you can pass out your personal log in information. and when they see all of those people logging in from many different IP addresses, lets see if you're willing to take the fall. 

Swizz n them also lost their lawyer, Robert Bennett, the same guy that defended Bill Clinton and helped save his presidency today. they say it was a conflict because of other clients that his firm already has dealings with (?). thats like saying my other client is more important than you. and got way more clout.

but imagine if you wrote a book. you spent years on it, had the burden of still supporting yourself and your family during that time. it took away time from spending with your children. caused arguments and strained your relationship with your significant other. you finally get it done and you have all of these hopes and dreams of it selling well and changing your current financial condition. the publisher is excited and the project is a go. your 1st book makes the NY Times Best Seller list. you make Oprah's Book Club. just to open your first statement and you're confused by the number on the check. then your publisher tells you that you have been a victim of illegal downloading and those are your actual sales. after all of those hopes and aspirations, after all that struggle, seriously, how would you feel? now imagine that same scenario, all of the same obstacles, but multiplied by thousands of dollars to make music. i mean its not the half a million it used to take to make music, but 10 grand to a person making 24k a year is nearly half a years pay. it's no company shouldering the cost. it's a regular guy like you and me. especially me. im nearly 60k into my investment in music. and after all of that, after all that sacrifice, the money comes back funny? seriously... how would YOU feel?

the video below is of the baw Kim Dotcom, the German guy who started MegaUpload. i posted it for 2 reasons; to show that you dudes who say yall hustlin really cant hold a candle to how these whiteboys get it. they play wit Ms. and thats their initial seed money. and to show you what happens when u get too sloppy. he was chillin, livin that international life. i know they all have been watching the government closely in regards to this matter, and i'm quite sure, being on the inside, that they were privy to some insider information. just like you may know more than most about what went down in your hood last week. what im sayin is, a change in policy coulda been implemented to avoid this. but greed is one hell of a drug...

anyone looking at this issue just worried about what they can download for free, and could care less about equal access to the platform is just plain old fashioned selfish

online porn is coming next. no pun intended.

here's hoping they all beat the case. 

hope your hard drive is full.

Free At Last?

i really wanted to wait until his birthday was clearly passed to speak on this. because i know as a symbol he means a lot to the people who may not know. or at the very least who don't get a chance to study much. his intention was a great one. his sacrifice was one worthy of the holiday that is set aside to commemorate it.

what my contention remains to be has to do with my latest findings. for those of you who can, get a Black's Law Dictionary, and be prepared to have your wig pulled back. way back to expose your bald head. cause a lot of what had been fought and sacrificed, is for the most part, been a moot point legally. at its worst, we have been totally sold out by our own folk.

i say legally cause thats where it really counts. law is the governing power of the people. in this country, the power that enforces the rule of law IS the people. in order to exercise your rights in that regard, and individual must present themselves to the court with the proper status. this is where the sh+t starts to stink.

civil rights are granted rights. they are not the rights of a sovereign people, who cannot be granted rights, because their rightas are INALIENABLE and guaranteed by the constitution. civil rights are granted by the governing body of the United States, which is the United States Corporation, who's headquarters are in District of Columbia, whcih is the mall INSIDE Washington city limits. it is a legal fiction, formed ad hoc to be the capital, the place where the STATES gather to discuss THEIR business. civil rights are granted by this body. they are not guranteed by the constitution. thats why they still vote in Congress to extend these rights.

i mean a lot of the people King rolled with were lawyers. the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was founded by lawyers. but the term 'colored' legally means 'an appearance distinguished from what is real'. calling a man 'colored' means he wasn't real. and they meant that. the legal designation for blacks was 3/4ths of a man. how can anyone, who wants the rights of a man, come into court and say that he is "that which is in appearance only, and not in reality". that would make you an imposter. you are impersonating a man. to learn that and to learn that the founders of the NAACP were mostly lawyers left a bad taste in my mouth.

there were three areas in the country called Black Wall Street: Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma (where they were so successful that a huge contingent of whites, along with the KKK (don't blame it all on the Klan) burned businesses and killed black people for no other crime than being successful); Jackson Ward, Richmond, Virginia; and Parish Street (also known as Hayti), Durham, North Carolina. along with Harlem, NY as the cultural capital, African American wealth was concentrated and in healthy circulation in our own community. the coming of assimilation, which is what desegregation is, opened a door that let the vast majority of the wealth in our community out of it. and it hasn't been the same since. if you don't think so, a quick look down 125th St. in Harlem, New York will put in plain view many multinational corporations who ARE NOT from the community. i mean, thats pretty much the story EVERYWHERE. the big corporations have stepped all over the small business man's feet. but we were always the largest portion of the population out of work before anyone Occupied anywhere. this was not always the case. i don't know if desegregation really helped. not that we should of stayed to ourselves. we never did that. that was white people that wanted us away from them at all costs. what i'm sayin is, our money was our money way before King marched.

of course there were terrible conditions in the south. me, i kinda liked Huey's thoughts on how to handle the matter. but did King's efforts make a change? of course. and i honor him. but something keeps eating at me that somewhere in the process that it was understood that this was a temporary solution. i don't even come close to claiming that i know.

what i do know is that we were all sold swampland for beach front property, black and white, and are all collateralized monetary instruments for the federal government. i keep reading the documents where it says that we are ALL the sovereigns of America. we are all king. but we have all been segregated from our power. and the people we elect and appoint as leaders all had something to do with it.

i'd hate to think he knew what he was doing...

T.I.- 'F_ck Da City Up'


i might be a lil late with this, but this joint is solid. i mean, on the real, T.I. ain't never been no slouch wit the pen. its just that in recent years, he's been focusin on those charts more than anything. understood, i mean he did have a lot of money to pay back. but if u take a listen to his first album, "I'm Serious", the baw was seriously tryin to prove he was. as it should be. but i really took a listen to this and its right. and the lyrics is on point. and i always liked the baw Young Dro, and he steps to it again on this joint. i liked it. hey, better late than never.

check it out here.

stream it then download it. if u dig it, hit the Facebook "Like" button below...

World Around Vol. 2

World Around Records is an international collective of artists and techno-mystics that assembled for the purpose of gaining a stronger foothold in the independent music scene. We’re dedicated to electronic and hip hop music that’s experimental, intelligent and speaks truth to power. We’re also into stuff that’s just plain dope.

this is somethin that came into the inbox that i thought was interesting. also the global inclusion of artist is a fly twist. musically, this is a very interesting project, because of the differing perspectives. the production is tight and focused. i dug it. im always into music that pushes the boundary. i love music. all of it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battle: Federal Ranga vs Chris Chris

this is my homeboy, Federal Ranga in his Grind Time battle with Chris Chris. or as i like it to say, " The Town Beheading". you know when somebody is gettin in somebody's ass when the dude gettin chopped actually gives dap to the nigga swingin the sword! "but to hear that sound before my own death is... ahhuuuughhgh ... ridiculous..."! (some of yall won't get that...)

regardless this is my dude showin real skill in this hip hop field. look for more to come.


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Red Wrong?

anyone who knows me knows i am a history buff. i am always reminding those around me the cause of a lot of things because people dont ask, and therefore dont know. like people wonder why there is so much discord in the Middle East. history will tell you that the Christians and the Muslims have been at each other since the Crusades. its still the same institution since the Middle Ages. the Capitol Building in Washington DC is an ancient ROMAN building. look at it. or the fact that Iran and Iraq were in ancient times the Babylonian and Persian empires, both of which ran down Israel. you can see where the conflict comes from.

history also shows that in times of war, that governments have ran propaganda to inspire the youth of the nation to enlist. Hitler was notoriously known for his propaganda campaigns. what is probably not well known is that in the 1940s, it well documented that the U.S. government used its influence to persuade Hollywood to make films that inspired enlistment into the armed services. many of those now classic films were nothing more than war propaganda.

while i am the first to say how important it is that this story is told, i am also wary of the timing. and how much of a deal is made on the emphasis that Lucas has been trying to make this movie for years. right on the heels of escalation with Iran, with India, Pakistan and China positioning themselves with Iran (due to the pipeline currently being built... thats right... its all about oil... AGAIN...). even tho i believe with everything in me that this story deserves and need to be told, i am wary of the timing and the target. because of the economic times, a job in the military will definitely feed the kids. (you might get f_cked for your medical, tho). my step dad, who was really my dad (bless the dead), told me how when he was coming up, because they were all from sharecropping farms, that most of them saw the military as a way of gettin out. it became a way out of the abject poverty they were stuck in in rural North Carolina. he was raised on the same land that his grandmother was a slave on. now thats living history. and he loved them war movies.

just like a lot of you dudes love them jail movies.

this looks to be a great film. this looks to be a responsible treatment of the subject, the subject matter and the characters playing the parts. this looks to be a rare, accurate portrayal of a story that deserves to be told of a group of men that had to prove that they could do the job under extraordinary circumstances. this looks to be an accurate telling of how it was government issue to hate us, or at the very least, to mistreat us, to institutionalize the derogatory intention towards we. with all of that, and i believe it all to be absolutely true, this still seems to me to be a well made piece of war propaganda.

if a war movie targeting young white dudes comes out soon, then that means...

now air it out...

Whatchu Think Of This? Kenja - "Dream"

Dream Cover Art
check it out here.

Kenja is an 18 year old Hip-Hop artist from Vancouver, Canada. Dreaming to start off locally, he is working hard today, so one day he can entertain the world with his talents tomorrow. Kenja produces those catchy, easy listening flowing songs, but never forgets the essence of good music. Its a mix of both worlds, with underground lyrics on up-beat instrumentals, accompanied with catchy hooks.

i have my opinion... whatchall think?

De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve - Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along

De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve - Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along

New Mixtape & Track From De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 As First Serve

The last we heard of First Serve it was 3am in a Parisian suburb at an out of control house party with ‘The Goon Time Mixtape’ blasting into the night. That was just a taste of things to come from De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 present ‘First Serve’; a dynamic hip-hop group, an album, a concept, the soundtrack to a movie that has yet to be made and a fable for our times.

‘First Serve’ is many things, but at its heart it is the story of two young boys from Queens, New York with big dreams and larger rhymes. Two friends, Deen Whitter (aka Plug 2 / Dave) and Jacob ‘Pop Life’ Barrow (aka Plug 1/ Pos), friends from seventh grade, are by their own admission, “different, but the differences seem to complement everything we do.” Their name ‘First Serve’ comes from their motto, “First come, First Serve, get what you deserve.”

We get a glimpse into their world in the form of the ‘Mrs. Whitter’ skit where we see the duo during the early days in Deen’s mother’s basement, the location of years of laying down demos and mixtapes on the hustle in the hip-hop game. With Deen’s mother Eleanor giving them endless flack, the duo don’t get much peace and quiet to sip on a 40oz beer and smoke a joint in their hyper-colour, animated world.

Due to hit the streets in April 2012 (4-2-2012), the ‘First Serve’ album tells the story of two dreamers in a basement struggling to start their musical career, the battles they face, through to the point that they eventually release their debut single, ‘make it big’ and their hard work and persistence finally pays off. As we know that is rarely where the story ends and the story of ‘First Serve’ is no different. Taking place in an animated world that could have been imagined by Hawley Pratt on Magic Mushrooms, the high spirited and often hilarious journey is pure old school hip-hop; skits, disco, beats, funk, quips, burns and hustlin’ all included.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Nike Kobe VII

in an effort show solidarity, and to help my man make up for those 75 mil tickets thats he just got jacked for, imma go in a direction i usually dont. i dont really like a lot of basketball shoes. and to call Air Force 1s that is really not necessary. they have long since been relegated to the casual wear department, or as we used to say, smoothie doos (waaaay before Jay... shout out my cousin Sul from the Bronx). but these shit is fly.

at this point Nikes really run shit. anything else is basically fresh on some retro shit, and Nike retro shit is crazy (stay at me... i got some other shit coming). the technology they impart in the soles is really second to none. (maybe the old Asics and New Balance were close). im a big dude, so it becomes apparent quickly how comfortable a shoe is or how well its made weeks after you buy them. its for this reason i tend to trust Nikes.

these joints will rock hard in the winter and fall. im not a fan of black sneakers in the spring and summer.

these shits is fresh.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.

Break Yourself!

im sure we done all heard by now that the baw Kobe and his wife made a visit to Splitsville, USA. its in California, obviously. its right next to Suckertown and about 50 miles from Gotchagreen. i really dont know any other way to explain marriage, at least in the traditional sense, and especially in this case. cause it seems that to be succesful in a marriage these days, you gotta live in one of these towns. or maybe you could live in Fascade. thats in NY. cause i dont know about those that say they live in Bliss. as far as i know, they say thats what ignorance is.

Kobe wife is obviously fine. she was just as fine as she is now as she was 10 years younger. at the time it made sense to everybody watchin that he would marry her. she screamed 'trophy wife' from every pixel in the photographs. we could see it. and i know she knew. and Kobe aint a dumb dude. he knew the deal as well. so marrying without a pre-nup had to be an intentional thing. dude must've knew what he was gettin ready to put her thru. and set her trust fund asideto deal with it.

i mean, these women know the deal. if you marry a king, you must accept the notion of concubines. it makes me think about the book im writin called "Yall Bitches Crazy". and this makes me think of one of the chapters im writin in it. because it really makes me think that a woman must be crazy to throw away their security because of a man going out and filling in the blanks. its not like its betrayal. the man has no intention of stabbin the woman in the back. he aint gonna leave his wife for none of these chicks he's bangin. he makes it clear that he still values her by coming HOME. he doesnt flaunt it in her face or do things to disrespect her. he makes sure shes well provided for and that she knows she is the MOST important woman in his life. so what he goes out to get WHAT YOU ARE PROBABLY UNWILLING TO GIVE HIM AT HOME? and if he does go get WHAT YOU WONT GIVE HIM, why are you penalizing him for that???? it would make sense to me that if he's got what u wont give him and then comes home, that that should make for a happy home. you should be happy, cause now you dont have to suck his cock or take it in the ass. and you STILL get everything you you want without doing anything that you dont want to. and you mad at that? yall bitches crazy...

and look, if you think Kobe finished makin money, you crazy. he still got more than a few good years left. the new Kobes is mean (look for em in a upcoming post). and as Jordan's successor, he gone make money off that line YEARS after he hang up his own sneaks. he still got books to write, speaking engagements, endorsement deals, sports casting jobs, front office positions in NBA management, the options that go with that... he gone get that 75 mil back n then some. and he gave her some of that in assets, which will probably decrease in value. and if she live like she livin with my man, she gone eat thru that money quicker than you think. in a 51% tax bracket, it's actually closer to 35. she gone be forced to do somethin for money. marry another big money boy or get a job. if she marry another of the type, shes bound to run into the same problem. cause now she got kids and NBA mileage.

me, i dont think marriage is my thing. i tried to be one of those dudes that put his lady first and let her run things. and i felt like a sucker. cause i think the shit should be about a mutual happiness. i dont wanna spend all my time making her happy. i would hope we aspire to OUR happiness above all. but most women want it to all be about them, from the wedding day on. whatever she wants, she wants you to get it. she wants to be spoiled. but spoiled by definition, means rotten. un-useable. i question any woman who wants to be that.

but if you think thats a good way to live, by all means, sucker on. dont let me spoil it for you. but if she wants more than you can provide, she will go elsewhere. but she aint comin home. she will put her happiness first. she aint gonna come home like a man does and still perform her duties, keep her commitment to those vows. she will be O-W-T, like Bugs Bunny used to say. and STILL expect for you to pay her bills when she leave. and a lot of u dudes will. yall bitches crazy... and in the words of the great American poet, Ice Cube; "some of yall niggas is bitches too"...

take a cue from my man Buddy Guy... before you be the one singin the blues...

press the Facebook 'like' button below if u feel me...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Adidas Originals by David Beckham

look at what spring gone look like! and summer! this is the fly shit, clean and lean. and they still look masculine, even in brght yellow. especially in bright yellow. honestly, i havent seen a new pair of Adidas that caught my attention. but i am all for these. i bet you they would be CRAZY in green. rock ANYTHING cotton with these, and watch chicks look at you like, 'ok'...

Bboy Fresh: Nike Air Force 1 Pony Hair

yeah... front on these if you want to, if u got to. but there aint no way you gone tell me these aint fly. i guess the only way that you gone tell me that is if YOU ain't fly. cause these cant go wrong on sooo manny levels. AND these will still murder shit in the spring. put em up, bring em out again next fall. im not like a lot of yall. i still follow the rules. i dont wear white sneaks in the winter. it just seem wrong to me. and why would anyone would want to rock fresh whites in winter weather is beyond me.

these joints is fresh on so many levels.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Funny Thing Is...

... is that this one long commercial. but i loved it. it's like an episode of a tv show more so than an ad campaign. i think the folks at Samsung have done a great job at making an advertising initiative an actual piece of pop culture. i think this is the new model for doing business. socially. im not really sure if the hard sell really works anymore. too many people are educated to their choices these days.

this whole series was funny as hell, with the closing chapter just now being released. as most of you know, i have been running my favorite chapter in the banner above posts , featuring DMC of RunDMC. the other episode that was hilarious was the one with T-Pain, or 3 Pain as it's called. Mark McGrath as DJ Booth had me cracking up! especially when he says... nah, im not gonna ruin it for you...

in the first episode, Moby was good too. the whole fight scene was crazy! hope i didnt ruin that for you. check it out. i mean they all had great moments. thats why i posted all of them together, because i didnt feature them all, so when the last one came out, i'm like it wont make sense if you guys didnt see the rest. so here they are. all of them. the thing is when you see them all together, they remind you of a show you would normally see on Comedy Central.

thanks to my man Brecht for keeping me posted on when these episodes dropped, so that i could share them with you. i hope you enjoyed them like i did.

this is a paid advertisement.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Leave Her Be

as a single dad, i'd like to welcome Jay Z and Beyonce to the ranks of parenthood. i'd like for them to get ready for a very rewarding experience. i know my daughter has changed my life. no, more correctly, my daughter has saved my life. for real.

as i go thru these nets seeing others reaction to their baby, i mean it is a pop culture event (no pun intended), im just a lil throwed off by some of the feedback. i mean, on one hand i find it a lil funny the pictures of the baby and all, i aint gone lie, with the combined features and such. i mean i laughed at my own results on those 'match ur features with another person to see what the baby looks like' apps too. but some of yall has been takin shit just a lil too far.

to say some of the shit yall been sayin about babay is just a lil out of bounds. now i aint tryin t be a preacher or nothin, but i mean some shit is thoro and some some things aint. talkin ill of the dead and of lil babies is just not thoro. period. even if dude is ugly. so what? how many times have you met a girls family to see that her parents was ugly. specially if she mixed, you be amazed to see how pretty them girls turn out. but that aint what really got me thinkin. 

what got me thinkin was when all of these people was assumin that the baby was gonna be ugly because Jay Z is the daddy. i mean baw aint no model. but i think he learned what i learned when i was 18. its probably why im still fat. and for all of you that wonder how dudes turn up with gorgeous girlfriends is because we've learned one valuable thing: a girl is gonna like who she's gonna like. period. for those of you want to bag bad broads, there's your first lesson to gettin ur self esteem together.

but im like, really impressed by Beyonce. she is obviously a gorgeous lady. now add to that her name and prestige and you got one hell of a callin card. she could be rockin with all them Hollywood pretty dudes if she wanted to. Brad Pitt'll leave Angelina Jolie for sure. but a woman's gonna like who she's gonna like. and she like Jay Z. and i can't help but to give her all the credit in the world for seeing past the grill on that baw to what she likes about him inside. i mean dude is accomplished and all that, but she could bag dudes with WAY more money, who could lavish her with WAY more than he has. but a womans gonna like who shes gonna like. and she like him. for all of us that are always talkin about wishin to be able to find somebody who can see past it all, should really be givin up to this lady for really being a LADY.  or more importantly, a real person. real like how we say real, with the connotation that her priorities are on things that matter and not the things that impress. and for a woman who is so accomplished, so beautiful, who has access to so much, chooses what she wants and then commits to it... how could anyone not do anything but respect that??? we as men have all been let down by someone with so much less wanting so much more. and here is someone with so much more just being happy wit what she has? seriously tho, how could you not respect that?

and i know she readin all this stuff or hearing it. her sister done already commented on it. so i know it has presence in her world. but she done had that baby and she and that man are forever joined to some degree. sometimes i think of that thought of me and my daughters mom with disgust. what a bad choice that turned out to be. but i can always tell my daughter i tried and to not to hate her mother for only being in her life for 6 months and then leaving, because that was probably the best thing for my daughter. if she was still in my daughter's life unhappy, then all she would do is be is abusive. but that still doesnt excuse her from being a piece of shit. cause it was all still her choice. and  no matter what, Beyonce still chose to have a baby with this man because she said she loves him. and thats her choice. 

and i cant do nothin but respect her for it.

now air it out...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Enjoy The Sunrise

i dug this video when i saw it. it made me think...

we all love to party. every last one of us. as participants in this hip hop life, showing up at the jam, at least once, is mandatory. whether its to hear a live dj, or to see a live performance, being there is the best way to feel how the energy of others, combined with the pulse of the rhythm, corresponds to the pulse of your own beating heart.

whether you're at the hot underground hip hop spot, or that club on the strip where you come dressed to impress, we all like to get loose with a drink or two. and for many of us, that starts with a beer. those that have taste will more than likely grab a Heineken. and if you look around and see what others are drinking, i'll bet you two to one, you'll see more green bottles than anything. 

we go to these various functions to have fun and unwind. after long days of working at our jobs, where  we disagree with the boss, co-workers and customers alike, it feels good to be in a place where we all agree. and we all agree that we are all here to have fun. as the good times roll, it's easy for one beer to turn into three. but in that moment, (and i've been there many times) i always try to remind myself that being responsible is ALWAYS called for. it's ALWAYS cool. and sometimes, that simply means saying, "i've had enough".

the night holds in it our aspirations to be special, to be wanted, to be open to the experience. but the night's adventures are only as good as the story that's told about them. too often than not, these stories sometimes have all types of bad endings. like, waking up, not fully sure of who's that sleeping in our bed. or waking up sore, with a swollen face from a fight that we really didn't have to pick. or waking up and hearing the worst news ever... that one of us at the party didn't make it home at all.

i say instead, let's wake to a new day, to tell the story of last night. let's make it a good story. one that makes others wish that we had invited them out with us. let's make plans to do it again. and again. let's keep living life as if there is no back up plan. let's wake to a sunrise pregnant with the plans to let everyone know how, last night, we had it all...

please drink responsibly.

and enjoy the sunrise....

this is a paid advertisement.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Alfie: Beggin'

yall know me. i love to show the new shit. or what i think is hot, n that means i dont care what everybody else think. so imma make a call about this dude. i think baw is really gonna do somethin this year. i had a chance to hear more of his music here, n i was impressed. it's well done and well thought out. it's what music should be. check it out. he might just make u be like Robin who?

ok, that was a jab at his whiteboyness, and i guess we make 'em compete subconciously, but seriously, that is the 1st thing that comes to mind. but i think this kid is a bit more palatable, and his cool and soul stirrings come a lil easier than watchin Robin Thicke talk using slang. for some reason when i see him do it, it seems like he's tryin to. i dont know much about this kid to say otherwise. this is just a first impression. and they say those are the hardest to make twice. so i guess score one for the new kid.

but on music alone, he deserves a second of your day. and if his shit balloon, you know who put you up on game.

check it out, see if you like it, n if u do, just click the Facebook 'like' button below...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take... Your Own Advice...

i know most of yall is on to the baw Drake by now. i mean no matter what school you come from, back packer, money racker, honey cracker, fudge packer, whatever you do, you got to admit the baw got it. i mean the dude is a real talent. so with this will always come the inevitable bullpit of bullshit that will rain critique on him just for being good.

it seems like the backlash is gettin a lil intense, even with Common, (of all people) steppin to main man for being...soft?  Common? i mean, c'mon dude... u stretchin it a lil bit. i mean u showed heart in the Cube battle, but that was you with that weird shit on durin the Badu period. (and lord knows i want some of that ass just to see what it does to me...) i mean for those of us that say they love the culture should also realize that the culture is not a singularly occuring event with only one type of music going at a time. even if we say that all radio is supporting is bullshit, there are still pockets of other things going on simultaneously. and as the internet has showed us in regards to dubstep and shit like that, there's always all types of shit happnin all over this small blue planet.

so those that get at the baw for sayin his shit is too soft neeed to cut it out. nobody ever called Fresh Prince soft. cause Will could rap. and was funny. thats the worst combination you want to see in a battle. ask Eminem. cause invincible aura aside, the baw RhymeFest got in his shit somethin awful back before his days with the Doc. simply put, he BEAT EMINEM IN A RHYME BATTLE. so same with Fresh Prince. De La Soul wasnt soft. they were accepted by everybody. i remember seeing gangster niggas bendin corners listenin to "3 ft High and Risin'" when i was a yung buck. but i did see them kill their own movement succumbing to the same pressure it seems people is tryin to exert on the baw Drake. i dont know where this shit comes from that everything has got to be hard, or east coast, or west coast, or down south. fuck all that shit. it all has a place. and until that mindstate starts to take hold, we gone be the ones slowin down the progress of the culture. again.

it used to be a time that a dude travellin OT would run in to some different shit and bring that back home like, look, i been exposed to some shit. i remember when my man NM came back from Oakland, he couldnt wait to put us up on MC Breed. and we was open to it. i remember goin to the Greek Picnics  and different functions on the East Coast and just runnin into shit... girls from different places that had different shit in the tape decks, whole different slangs, the way they carried theyselves, all that. n it was sexy as shit to me. i remember the day i 'got' down south music. i was in some hole in the wall in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and i remember them throwin on that 3 Six Mafia and watchin the crowd get on some almost tribal shit, doin that original crunk shit. it was like a dance, almost like a slam dance, but the niggas was wit it. it was a vibe in the place. thats when i 'got' it; it meant something to them. and then i got off that bullshit i was on.

thats why im rootin for the baw Drake. i do remember him being on songs wit Ross n them and just comin shy of all out lyin. well, shit, the rest of em are. but what im sayin is that the baw really caught us all by really telling us his truth. i mean seriously, the greatest music movements have all been based around the truth of the artist or the truth of what they represent. if not kept in check, it can go into caricature, like when NWA dropped 'Niggas 4 Life', which was just outrageous in comparison to the very real, valid story of a some teenage dudes who was just plain sick of shit on "Straight Outta Compton". and he sometimes goes close to veering into that lane. but for the most part, he stays close to what he does. i mean, it would be nice to see him do more like 'Best I Ever Had", but hey, a nigga gotta grow. but the shit was just so sincere. and you could hear it. like Diggy joint, "Do It Like You". and if they didnt mean it, then gotdammit, you got a an excellent example of how to lie. but im just hopin that  he dont grow in ways that pressure forces him to grow. because its at that point you cease to become an artist. cause if you make music for the fans, then you have betrayed them. they started likin you before you had them. they liked you when you was tellin the truth.

so hopefully he'll just side step the bullshit and just continue to be himself. and that means whatever that means today. if these dudes think it's too soft, just make it for these ladies, homie, cause in the end, they BUY the shit. when it comes time for the show, you know already who in attendance. and i got questions for dudes that just want to be around man energy all the time anyway. it used to be a time that the most gangsta ass niggas rocked to Curtis Mayfield and Willam DeVaugn. and none of that shit was 'hard'. but it sho was gangsta.

do your thing Drake. take care. and you can thank ME later...

Down With The King

first off, if some of you may not happen to know who this is in the video, then i'd like to meet you, and welcome you to this planet. because in the world of music, there has been no major movement since the introduction of hip hop to the world. and since then, there is no group that has served as a contact point for hip hop and the rest of the planet  other than or better than, Run DMC. Run DMC is hip hop's Rolling Stones. and the only reason that they're not hip hop's Beatles is because hip hop won't allow the mannerisms of Paul and John. it's Mick and Kieth all day. 

they made their claim in the world of music by boldly asserting in 1985 that they, not any other group at the time, were the Kings Of Rock. and i remember, as a very young kid, standing struck in the videogame hut in the Great Adventure Amusement Park in New Jersey USA, spending all of my money on the kiosk that played this thing called 'music videos'. and i kept inserting quarter after quarter to watch them boldly state "just the 3 of us, but we're not the Beatles!'. see. i was right.

it was this guy, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels that actually made the declaration. the song, 'King Of Rock' starts with DMC proclaiming himself as "the King OF Rock, there is none higher..." and thats why this video works so well, because of the fact that he's the King in this video! it kinda pays homage to that song. throughout his career, he's kinda came back to that motif, including a song called "Down With The King". there's also other Run DMC references that some may miss, but not a die hard fan like me. such as the use of the phrase, "Sucker M.C.'s", which is the name of the song that actually introduced Run DMC t the world! also, when he invites them into the castle, he invites them to "Walk This Way", which i'm sure many of you know is the name of the song that resuscitated Aerosmith's career and made Run DMC superstars. my salute to the writers of this piece for being responsible to the legacy of the artist.

this is a sponsored video from the good folks at Samsung, distributed by my folks at Unruly Media. either way, it was a great video. i look forward to bringing you more videos from the series.

*special shout to my man BRECHT ONE. we goin' bombin, yo! just as long as you got the paint...


Monday, January 9, 2012

Planet Asia - "Golden State"

Planet asia got a hot one rockin. this is a lead in to the album Black Belt Theatre which, judgin by the track line up, looks to be a monster. i said it before... the underground is back... in a BIG way baby... global... and the the shit keeps gettin better... peep this out. i dig it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raekwon- Unexpected Victory

the god is back, fresh for the New Year, with new work and its fly. but what do u expect? peep the joint. shit is FLY. sun brought out a couple cats we aint seen in a minute. ur wrong if u think its a yung baw sport. not anymore...

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