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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bbboy Fresh: Star Wars Hoodies by Mark Echo

Star Wars Real Storm Trooper Hoodie By Marc Ecko - Marc Ecko Enterprises
these joints is crazy! i saw these and knew i could freak these crazy. shout out to Marc Ecko, always reaching for somethin else. thats what its about. thats that real bboy status right there. its always a battle of styles.

the Storm Trooper joint is ILL. its too many ways to freak this. and to be hardcore wit it. everybody loved the Storm Troopers and what better way to step on the block as an agent of the Empire. i mean, a lot of you are anyway. might as well wear the uniform. lol... im just messin wit yall... kinda... i'd definitely rock this before i rock them skeleton hoodies yall was lovin.
 rock the jordan 3s in black wit this? what? wait i know the perfect  kicks to rock wit this...
Star Wars X Wing Pilot Hoodie by Marc Ecko  - Marc Ecko Enterprises

the X-Wing Pilot's uniform! now thats me right there, runnin down on the Death Star! this shit is ill. it's even a lil bit more fly to me cause im from Philly, and thse just happen to be Flyer's colors. vinatge Flyer's hat from Mitchell and Ness? killin it. and some high top whatevers? some Nike ACG boots to make it look like a uniform? and then rock the black military hat? c'mon, son...

Star Wars Fett For Real Hoodie by Marc Ecko - Marc Ecko Enterprises

who didn't like Bobba Fett? missile launcher backpack? he was the illest! and this joint will nail down that nostalgia. now out of the 3, this one i think is the most gimmicky. its slowly approaching a costume rather than a fashionable interpretation. but it still can be done right. i'd go blue denim and a pair of grey Jordan's, 3,4,5 or 8. or we can go Timberland constructions in burgundy (officially called brick red).  see what i'm sayin? it can be done. but only i can do it...

we keep it fresh around here.

bboy fresh.


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Sick! i love the X-Wing Pilot one!

thats my favorite too! even tho that storm trooper joint would be boss to perform in!

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