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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battle: Federal Ranga vs Chris Chris

this is my homeboy, Federal Ranga in his Grind Time battle with Chris Chris. or as i like it to say, " The Town Beheading". you know when somebody is gettin in somebody's ass when the dude gettin chopped actually gives dap to the nigga swingin the sword! "but to hear that sound before my own death is... ahhuuuughhgh ... ridiculous..."! (some of yall won't get that...)

regardless this is my dude showin real skill in this hip hop field. look for more to come.


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The Black guy is your boy, Cult? That dude KILLED the white guy!

yeah thats my dude. i aint even know he had it like that! strait up. but he served it like he deserved it! he got another one comin up soon. of course i'll put u up on it..

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