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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bboy Exclusive: Akai MPC Renaissance

i am a long time MPC user. the sound of hip hop, that raw gritty, underground hip hop style, as defined by DJ Premiere was pioneered on an MPC. most of the records that we love from the classic era of hip hop (both of them) have this machine as the sound in it's center. it is the sound of hip hop.

the sound of pop music (lets be real... the bulk of popular rap music is now pop(ular) music)is the sound of the computer. at its core, the MPC is a computer as well, but what gives it its sound is the output stage, which is purely analog. thats what gives the drums that weight. the sound of computer generated sounds, such as Logic and Fruity Loops have a different kind of attack on the drums that is obviously different. not better or worse. just different. i have heard people say when listenin to my tracks, "dam, that sounds like real music". and then others love the 'crispy' sound of the computer generated sound. it really is a matter of taste and what you're producing (even tho i rather like the idea of making something that sounds like real music).

those that do use the MPC know the limitations of editing, where the computer software actually demolishes the MPCs capabilities in that department (even tho the MPC is STILL the world's best hardware sequencer). well, that sentence is now gonna have to change. because that world reknowed sequencer as well the computer editing capabilities are all now available in the MPC world. introducing Renaissance.

now, we have to be fair. even tho this is the MPC, and we love it, the credit for this idea has to go to Native Instrument's Maschine, which was the first to actually combine the MPC functions along with software control. all at 24 bits. the secret to Premiere's drums, n thank me for this later, was the fact he used the MPC60II, which was a 12 bit machine. thats where the grit comes from. but the resolution at 24 bits gives a much more detailed sound. this incarnation of the MPC is a direct response to that. nothing more. i am not trying to make it seem like they were divinely inspired. they were pushed by good old fashioned competition. its what a lot of these rappers need now a days.

these controllers all have different features that make them special. theyre not available yet, so i dont have a price. but they are fly. check em out...

for those that do different types of production, this is the joint that would probably accommodate us all. this controller/machine makes it possible to gritty analog productions as well as 24 bit clean pristine production, with that unmistakable, hit making MPC swing.

MPC STUDIO__________________________________________

now this controller has my attention as well. because it has all of the capability as the Renaissance, but it just lacks the output capability. thats fine with me, because one of my major complaints about the MP was the inability to disengage the limiter on the stereo out. since this is a controller for the software, thats no longer an issue. but the sequencer and workflow is the same (well, similar, because now you can lay it out on a grid and actually mix the beat, because both controllers allow you to use plug-ins), which means you can work just as fast. thats always been my complaint with Logic and Reason; it just takes too damn long to get the basic groove down. so to be able to remain in the box with everything that means, combined with the ability to actually 'play' the instrument has me also saying that i could really get to like this one even more. AND the price point is bound to be much less than the big boy.

MPC FLY_____________________________________________

this joint looks interesting. its a controller for an MPC ipad ap. me personally, i like to make traks when im ready. so mini do-dads like these i never liked, personally that is. i dont like doing things twice. but it is interesting. and im sure given enuff time, somebody's gonna find a way to make this really pop.

all in all, these look like they're gonna be some real game changers. even tho the innovation belongs to Native Instruments, the inspiration was the MPC. so we'll see how it goes. even tho i still think the Maschine is still sexy, and i been blowin her kisses for quite a while, this is who i might just take to the prom.

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FUCK!!! This shit looks so fucking sick! I'm just really starting to dabble with producing beats. I'd love to try that shit and see what I come up with.

im looking forward to trying it myself!

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