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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Adidas Originals by David Beckham

look at what spring gone look like! and summer! this is the fly shit, clean and lean. and they still look masculine, even in brght yellow. especially in bright yellow. honestly, i havent seen a new pair of Adidas that caught my attention. but i am all for these. i bet you they would be CRAZY in green. rock ANYTHING cotton with these, and watch chicks look at you like, 'ok'...


them is clean as hell...might cop those to rock with the spring 'Lo shirts

* looks at 50% off coupon for adidas store under keyboard *


whats crackin co-captain?

i know you know... it aint even a surprise...

NW storms got me in the city or I'd be stranded in the sticks...trying to catch up on things now

cant wait to see what you bring home.

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