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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bboy Fresh: New Balance 574 Made In England

if i really got to explain these, ur shoe game aint been right in YEARS. these have been classic issue from the classic era for quite a while. these are different from the old skools are that these are made with premium suede. if you ain't hip, get hip. these joints are absolutely fly with everything, even some slacks. not all of 'em tho. but jeans, sweats, fatigues, chinos, a bunch of shit. fly niggas know. and if you don't, then that makes you a...


Yeah, i saw a pair of these in an old Brand Nubian video. I never see anyone on these these days.

ok homey! cool points for popkiller! i forgot about that!

you gotta try a pair homeboy. comfort aint the word. the silhouette is mean. they really look GOOD at the bottom your pants and fly wit shorts. trust me. you can't go wrong. try 'em out.

my favorite colors are the brown and the navy blue. classic. the green joints are fly too.

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