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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Nike Kobe VII

in an effort show solidarity, and to help my man make up for those 75 mil tickets thats he just got jacked for, imma go in a direction i usually dont. i dont really like a lot of basketball shoes. and to call Air Force 1s that is really not necessary. they have long since been relegated to the casual wear department, or as we used to say, smoothie doos (waaaay before Jay... shout out my cousin Sul from the Bronx). but these shit is fly.

at this point Nikes really run shit. anything else is basically fresh on some retro shit, and Nike retro shit is crazy (stay at me... i got some other shit coming). the technology they impart in the soles is really second to none. (maybe the old Asics and New Balance were close). im a big dude, so it becomes apparent quickly how comfortable a shoe is or how well its made weeks after you buy them. its for this reason i tend to trust Nikes.

these joints will rock hard in the winter and fall. im not a fan of black sneakers in the spring and summer.

these shits is fresh.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.


yeah they is. those shits could be rocked on so many levels crazy. so many different ways. i might have to step to that myself.

thanks for stoppin thru Baines. breeze thru again in a few...

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