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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Enjoy The Sunrise

i dug this video when i saw it. it made me think...

we all love to party. every last one of us. as participants in this hip hop life, showing up at the jam, at least once, is mandatory. whether its to hear a live dj, or to see a live performance, being there is the best way to feel how the energy of others, combined with the pulse of the rhythm, corresponds to the pulse of your own beating heart.

whether you're at the hot underground hip hop spot, or that club on the strip where you come dressed to impress, we all like to get loose with a drink or two. and for many of us, that starts with a beer. those that have taste will more than likely grab a Heineken. and if you look around and see what others are drinking, i'll bet you two to one, you'll see more green bottles than anything. 

we go to these various functions to have fun and unwind. after long days of working at our jobs, where  we disagree with the boss, co-workers and customers alike, it feels good to be in a place where we all agree. and we all agree that we are all here to have fun. as the good times roll, it's easy for one beer to turn into three. but in that moment, (and i've been there many times) i always try to remind myself that being responsible is ALWAYS called for. it's ALWAYS cool. and sometimes, that simply means saying, "i've had enough".

the night holds in it our aspirations to be special, to be wanted, to be open to the experience. but the night's adventures are only as good as the story that's told about them. too often than not, these stories sometimes have all types of bad endings. like, waking up, not fully sure of who's that sleeping in our bed. or waking up sore, with a swollen face from a fight that we really didn't have to pick. or waking up and hearing the worst news ever... that one of us at the party didn't make it home at all.

i say instead, let's wake to a new day, to tell the story of last night. let's make it a good story. one that makes others wish that we had invited them out with us. let's make plans to do it again. and again. let's keep living life as if there is no back up plan. let's wake to a sunrise pregnant with the plans to let everyone know how, last night, we had it all...

please drink responsibly.

and enjoy the sunrise....

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Very nice Culture. Very grown up of you. =)

thanks Rap. i appreciate that my dude.

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