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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Down With The King

first off, if some of you may not happen to know who this is in the video, then i'd like to meet you, and welcome you to this planet. because in the world of music, there has been no major movement since the introduction of hip hop to the world. and since then, there is no group that has served as a contact point for hip hop and the rest of the planet  other than or better than, Run DMC. Run DMC is hip hop's Rolling Stones. and the only reason that they're not hip hop's Beatles is because hip hop won't allow the mannerisms of Paul and John. it's Mick and Kieth all day. 

they made their claim in the world of music by boldly asserting in 1985 that they, not any other group at the time, were the Kings Of Rock. and i remember, as a very young kid, standing struck in the videogame hut in the Great Adventure Amusement Park in New Jersey USA, spending all of my money on the kiosk that played this thing called 'music videos'. and i kept inserting quarter after quarter to watch them boldly state "just the 3 of us, but we're not the Beatles!'. see. i was right.

it was this guy, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels that actually made the declaration. the song, 'King Of Rock' starts with DMC proclaiming himself as "the King OF Rock, there is none higher..." and thats why this video works so well, because of the fact that he's the King in this video! it kinda pays homage to that song. throughout his career, he's kinda came back to that motif, including a song called "Down With The King". there's also other Run DMC references that some may miss, but not a die hard fan like me. such as the use of the phrase, "Sucker M.C.'s", which is the name of the song that actually introduced Run DMC t the world! also, when he invites them into the castle, he invites them to "Walk This Way", which i'm sure many of you know is the name of the song that resuscitated Aerosmith's career and made Run DMC superstars. my salute to the writers of this piece for being responsible to the legacy of the artist.

this is a sponsored video from the good folks at Samsung, distributed by my folks at Unruly Media. either way, it was a great video. i look forward to bringing you more videos from the series.

*special shout to my man BRECHT ONE. we goin' bombin, yo! just as long as you got the paint...



RunDMC! Props forever to the kings of rock! The realest thing you said in this post was that they are the hip hop Rolling Stones! I couldn't agree more!

amen brother! the top of the heap! i remember being deeply affected listening to "Raising Hell". it was a defining moment in my life. no bullshit.

Wish the old style of gold rope chains came back into style!

i know right! it was somethin that was so much more aspirational than the way its done now. not in the sense of trying to be rich, which it was an obvious sign of doin well, but a strong desire to just look like US. rappers now a days look like skateboarders/rockers/ravers... a whole lot of shit other than strait up bboys.

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