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Monday, January 23, 2012

Free At Last?

i really wanted to wait until his birthday was clearly passed to speak on this. because i know as a symbol he means a lot to the people who may not know. or at the very least who don't get a chance to study much. his intention was a great one. his sacrifice was one worthy of the holiday that is set aside to commemorate it.

what my contention remains to be has to do with my latest findings. for those of you who can, get a Black's Law Dictionary, and be prepared to have your wig pulled back. way back to expose your bald head. cause a lot of what had been fought and sacrificed, is for the most part, been a moot point legally. at its worst, we have been totally sold out by our own folk.

i say legally cause thats where it really counts. law is the governing power of the people. in this country, the power that enforces the rule of law IS the people. in order to exercise your rights in that regard, and individual must present themselves to the court with the proper status. this is where the sh+t starts to stink.

civil rights are granted rights. they are not the rights of a sovereign people, who cannot be granted rights, because their rightas are INALIENABLE and guaranteed by the constitution. civil rights are granted by the governing body of the United States, which is the United States Corporation, who's headquarters are in District of Columbia, whcih is the mall INSIDE Washington city limits. it is a legal fiction, formed ad hoc to be the capital, the place where the STATES gather to discuss THEIR business. civil rights are granted by this body. they are not guranteed by the constitution. thats why they still vote in Congress to extend these rights.

i mean a lot of the people King rolled with were lawyers. the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was founded by lawyers. but the term 'colored' legally means 'an appearance distinguished from what is real'. calling a man 'colored' means he wasn't real. and they meant that. the legal designation for blacks was 3/4ths of a man. how can anyone, who wants the rights of a man, come into court and say that he is "that which is in appearance only, and not in reality". that would make you an imposter. you are impersonating a man. to learn that and to learn that the founders of the NAACP were mostly lawyers left a bad taste in my mouth.

there were three areas in the country called Black Wall Street: Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma (where they were so successful that a huge contingent of whites, along with the KKK (don't blame it all on the Klan) burned businesses and killed black people for no other crime than being successful); Jackson Ward, Richmond, Virginia; and Parish Street (also known as Hayti), Durham, North Carolina. along with Harlem, NY as the cultural capital, African American wealth was concentrated and in healthy circulation in our own community. the coming of assimilation, which is what desegregation is, opened a door that let the vast majority of the wealth in our community out of it. and it hasn't been the same since. if you don't think so, a quick look down 125th St. in Harlem, New York will put in plain view many multinational corporations who ARE NOT from the community. i mean, thats pretty much the story EVERYWHERE. the big corporations have stepped all over the small business man's feet. but we were always the largest portion of the population out of work before anyone Occupied anywhere. this was not always the case. i don't know if desegregation really helped. not that we should of stayed to ourselves. we never did that. that was white people that wanted us away from them at all costs. what i'm sayin is, our money was our money way before King marched.

of course there were terrible conditions in the south. me, i kinda liked Huey's thoughts on how to handle the matter. but did King's efforts make a change? of course. and i honor him. but something keeps eating at me that somewhere in the process that it was understood that this was a temporary solution. i don't even come close to claiming that i know.

what i do know is that we were all sold swampland for beach front property, black and white, and are all collateralized monetary instruments for the federal government. i keep reading the documents where it says that we are ALL the sovereigns of America. we are all king. but we have all been segregated from our power. and the people we elect and appoint as leaders all had something to do with it.

i'd hate to think he knew what he was doing...


If what you say is true, I will have a hard time with this myself.

trust me love, i had a hard time coming to this conclusion myself. but i've never heard a duck bark...

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