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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Funny Thing Is...

... is that this one long commercial. but i loved it. it's like an episode of a tv show more so than an ad campaign. i think the folks at Samsung have done a great job at making an advertising initiative an actual piece of pop culture. i think this is the new model for doing business. socially. im not really sure if the hard sell really works anymore. too many people are educated to their choices these days.

this whole series was funny as hell, with the closing chapter just now being released. as most of you know, i have been running my favorite chapter in the banner above posts , featuring DMC of RunDMC. the other episode that was hilarious was the one with T-Pain, or 3 Pain as it's called. Mark McGrath as DJ Booth had me cracking up! especially when he says... nah, im not gonna ruin it for you...

in the first episode, Moby was good too. the whole fight scene was crazy! hope i didnt ruin that for you. check it out. i mean they all had great moments. thats why i posted all of them together, because i didnt feature them all, so when the last one came out, i'm like it wont make sense if you guys didnt see the rest. so here they are. all of them. the thing is when you see them all together, they remind you of a show you would normally see on Comedy Central.

thanks to my man Brecht for keeping me posted on when these episodes dropped, so that i could share them with you. i hope you enjoyed them like i did.

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This was great! It reminds me of that cop show that used to play on Comedy Central!

yes! that highway patrol show! exactly! lol

it was a good campaign. i really enjoyed working on it.

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