Read In Your Language

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raekwon- Unexpected Victory

the god is back, fresh for the New Year, with new work and its fly. but what do u expect? peep the joint. shit is FLY. sun brought out a couple cats we aint seen in a minute. ur wrong if u think its a yung baw sport. not anymore...


This shit is sick!!! I didn't even know that he was coming out with a new mixtape.

Rae is definitely that dude. this shows that hip hop isnt just relegated to just people in their 20s. why should anyone in their 40s stop liking or practicing any parts of the artform of hip hop if u indeed think that it really is an art? then it should be somethin you can do as long as it feels good. and sun still gets busy wit his.

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