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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sia "Breathe Me"

i came across this song and i was blown away by it. as a person who loves Sade, i mean absolutely adores her, this was an easy pill to swallow. i am a lover of music and it is hard to not like this song if you are too. i just heard it. and i love it. 

i think she's Australian. it was hard to get any info on her online, except fopr where to buy and that sucks, because when people discover something of value, they want to know what it is. thats why people take things to the Antique Roadshow. i went looking for other songs, and as it stands she's been making albums since 2004. of the songs i heard, this is by far the strongest. but i don't pretend to act like i've heard them all. and when i asked my niece if she heard of her, she freaked out. like she was like YOU like that? and i was like, i love MUSIC. my shit don't just stop with rappers. most rap music, if it's sampled, has stated out as something else. i happen to like that something else. it's called music.

so check it out. if you dig it, hit the facebook 'like' button below.


I am primarily a Hip Hop head but i dig Sia. She sings from the heart and as long as music has that, I can feel it, no matter the genre

Her hook on the Hilltop Hoods track I love it made it in the top 10 of a major Australian poll voted by the listeners

thata whats up Nagan. thanks for stopping by.

yeah, im a music lover. all types. and hip hop used to be about a melting of the styles into one form. so when i heard this it was no brainer. it has power. it dont need to have an 808 to have that.

keep comin thru. more shit on the way. go thru some of the old posts. im sure theres a couple things to catch a cat like you.

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