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Monday, January 23, 2012

Stopping You From Stealing Is Not Censorship

Sopa and Pipa protesters in San Francisco 18 January 2012

make NO mistake. im no supporter of SOPA or PIPA or pipers or whatever you wanna call any of that shit. i am always in support of the people's right to continue to express themselves on a platform that will always give leverage to the small business man/woman to compete. the access to information, globally, in real time, is really a power for the people, because this will keep us from being subject to mass  distortions of the truth. we can inform each other from Japan to California, from Denmark to Capetown with the ease of just logging on. this is a power that we all should be aware of and stay adamant about protecting it.

what i keep seeing in many comments sections  all across the web is this undercurrent i'm detecting that somehow SOPA and PIPA is wrong because we can't download illegally anymore. and i can't believe that people really think that their inability to steal is an infringement on their rights. thats the most outrageous thing i think anyone could ever presume as smart.

today, reported that last night, Filesonic and Fileserve changed their policies. they will no longer allow anyone to steal from them, by placing the restriction that a person can only download what they upload. now, if you really wanted to keep people downloading illegally from off of the net, you can pass out your personal log in information. and when they see all of those people logging in from many different IP addresses, lets see if you're willing to take the fall. 

Swizz n them also lost their lawyer, Robert Bennett, the same guy that defended Bill Clinton and helped save his presidency today. they say it was a conflict because of other clients that his firm already has dealings with (?). thats like saying my other client is more important than you. and got way more clout.

but imagine if you wrote a book. you spent years on it, had the burden of still supporting yourself and your family during that time. it took away time from spending with your children. caused arguments and strained your relationship with your significant other. you finally get it done and you have all of these hopes and dreams of it selling well and changing your current financial condition. the publisher is excited and the project is a go. your 1st book makes the NY Times Best Seller list. you make Oprah's Book Club. just to open your first statement and you're confused by the number on the check. then your publisher tells you that you have been a victim of illegal downloading and those are your actual sales. after all of those hopes and aspirations, after all that struggle, seriously, how would you feel? now imagine that same scenario, all of the same obstacles, but multiplied by thousands of dollars to make music. i mean its not the half a million it used to take to make music, but 10 grand to a person making 24k a year is nearly half a years pay. it's no company shouldering the cost. it's a regular guy like you and me. especially me. im nearly 60k into my investment in music. and after all of that, after all that sacrifice, the money comes back funny? seriously... how would YOU feel?

the video below is of the baw Kim Dotcom, the German guy who started MegaUpload. i posted it for 2 reasons; to show that you dudes who say yall hustlin really cant hold a candle to how these whiteboys get it. they play wit Ms. and thats their initial seed money. and to show you what happens when u get too sloppy. he was chillin, livin that international life. i know they all have been watching the government closely in regards to this matter, and i'm quite sure, being on the inside, that they were privy to some insider information. just like you may know more than most about what went down in your hood last week. what im sayin is, a change in policy coulda been implemented to avoid this. but greed is one hell of a drug...

anyone looking at this issue just worried about what they can download for free, and could care less about equal access to the platform is just plain old fashioned selfish

online porn is coming next. no pun intended.

here's hoping they all beat the case. 

hope your hard drive is full.



Hip Hop artists (bless em) release a whole lot of mixtapes. So in effect a lot of try before you buy with most of them artists.
When it comes to other forms of media, yeah i am guilty of pirating, but only in a try before you buy kind of regard. If it's good yeah i will buy it, but if it's not i delete it straight away. i only have so many dollars.
A lot of review sites on the web, i don't really trust. Mainly because an opinion is so subjective to a persons self it hard to tell if i would like that game/movie/book in the same manner. Plus the bigger sites got a hell of a lot of advertising revenue, makes me wonder how often they bump the scores up.

yeah piracy is wrong, but when i often pay up to double what U.S cats pay for the same media(often from the same damn site) until they sort that out i will try before i buy

Nagan! what up buddy... or is it mate?

you bring up an interesting point. and one i guess i didn't even consider when i was writing this. the consumer view. and i have to say you're right.

im an engineer. when we buy plug-ins (digital emulations of actual machines), they always give us a trial period. i guess in the motion picture world, as well as the gamin industry, they should be able to do the same shit. give access with an expiration date to help sell the product. thats the name of the game with music creation now a days. try me as an artist via mixtape then buy my album if you like me.

great point.

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