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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CHICAGO (RIP) -w- DEN (graffiti piece)

this is a piece i did back in the day woth my man and TUK crew co-founder, CHICAGO. i did the whole thing, but my man was there to help fill it in and look out. this was not a legal wall, or some rooftop or abondoned wharehouse somewhere. naw, this was street level,  at one of the most busiest intersection in North Philly, across from a high school. and we got over, and didnt get chased not once.

the craziest thing about that, i mean gettin chased, was that CHICAGO had spotted a cop and called for us to pack it up. but i was like, naw, lets wait n see what happens. the way he was approaching just made it seem to me he had other plans. and he did. the cop had a chick in the squad car with him, and pulled over in the super market parking lot to get his dick sucked. when i saw that, i just kept spraying. and i did it, in front of the cop, while he was gettin blown. i swear to you that i am not makin this up. 

when this hit the next day, it had the hoods on fire! but still, RIP my dude. if no one else remembers, i do. love always....


TUK crew

Iranian Goyard Bag by SCATTER BRAIN MATHEMATICS on #SoundCloud

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