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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Culture Classics: Bugs Bunny ft. Humphrey Bogart "Slick Hare"

Bugs Bunny Characters Wallpaper

i seriously doubt your aficionado status if you tell me you dont spar wit Bugs Bunny. i used to love Bugs so much that i would take a break from hustlin to go inside to make sure i caught it. with a bag of course. 

there was plenty of great episodes. plenty of sour patches, too. Bugs could be outright racist at times. being as tho he was an employee, i'll hold Jack Warner responsible. and even still, i love the guy.

this one of the all time classic episodes. this one has the type of imigination and inventiveness thats missing in todays cartoons. it seems that these cartoons just rely on silliness for silliness's sake. or like they tryin to raise the insanity level a bit. (we ride wit Nick Jr. for the daughter, tho). not like Bugs who was smart, clever and resourceful. ok., enuff commentary, enjoy the picture...


Dude, i love Bugs Bunny! You always post things that other sites won't. The thing is, though Cult, you got to drop mpre regularly. I have to go to other sites and a lot of them always have the same shit.

C'mon, buddy!

damn! u guys are givin me the lashin!

im sorry famo, i be grindin all types of ways, tryin to make a dollar outta 15 cents. things are gonna change soon, trust me.

thanks for xomin thru, i always love when u do. bear wit me!

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