Read In Your Language

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


LLs up. strait from Pareis France is official Lo-Life representers, Paris Polo Club in their mixtape debut. i had to post this out of love and loyalty, but mostly from the fact that its good music. and thats how the decisions are made around here.

look at em. thats right, thats PARIS, sun. Lo- Lifes is international, sun. because if you think about it, its more than just a boostin crew. its a lifestyle sun. most Lo Lifes are what they used to call BBoys back in the day. thats why i call myself one. cause Lo Lifes stay on some get fresh, get money, get girls, get up (graffiti) or get busy (on the mic or mix) shit. Lo Lifes are really the last real BBoy Crew on earth. imma go into that on another post more deeply.

in the meantime, rock to this real hip hop and enjoy...


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