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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smooth The Hustler "109 MCs"

ok... get ready for a heater! dude is a potential client for my studio, and if u dont remember who this dude is, turn in your hip hop pass card. u deserve to have it revoked. him and Trigga the Gambla came thru with a bonafide classic back in the days called "Broken Language". the fact that i had to say that to you disgusts me. YOU should know that. and if you do, pardon self. dude is back and he aint missed a step.

i love break beats, especially this one. i wonder how many of you so called aficionados can actually name the breaks in this clip. and if u can't, just rock to the sounds of some real hip hop shit for a change... 

follow Smooth on twitter: @smoothehustler, or management: @nittysmg


I love Broken Language. Bodies get cremated on a Friday the do or die way... That shit was hard as nails, and that beat was fuckin epic. It still knocks.

In this joint he name drops King Just and I had to laugh. I was just listening to that shit earlier. Hey ya Hey ya can I get some... the sound of the warrior's drum/ on the warpath....

Good shit. *golf clap*

CAP! whas good my dude?

yeah dude is ill and he still got it. i got an interview coming with dude soon. i have a new writer rockin wit me, Luv Kills, a female from out of Brooklyn. shes sharp. u should dig her shit.

always good to see u breeze thru...

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