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Friday, May 11, 2012

Waves NLS Analog Summing In The Box!

ay man, this thing got me excited! when i saw it, i was like whoa. for all of you that do audio (and im sure thats plenty of you) you all have been in the center of the controversy of the analog vs digital debate. and if you do audio, you know that that divide is on a steady decline. it used to be a time when the feeling of depth and warmth that could only come from an analog processor, this was an easy debate to have. analog wins. but now a days, there are digital processors that have a lot of character and are go to tools for top mix engineers worldwide. one such processor that comes to mind is the Waves Renaissance Compressor, which  has found a lot of utility and a lot of praise for its ability to give the character of a top analog processor. so based on that, when i saw this , i had to share it with yall. 

this looks like the solution for the dilemma for those trying to reconcile the two worlds. the fact that it is modeled on some of the worlds most successful consoles is enough  to make me want to buy it. no scratch that. my experience with the quality of the Waves processors makes me want to purchase this. for all of us looking to make the best recordings, it really is about the tools. no scratch that... its about the taste of the engineer. i think anyone using this would have great taste. check it out.


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