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Thursday, September 6, 2012

BBoy Fresh: 1992 Ralph Lauren P-Wing Stadium Jacket

this is one of the illest joints i've seen in a while! i saw this on Facebook and i had to throw it up on here. i mean, i hate a lot of this new Polo shit with a passion! most of it is loud and doesnt have that air of distinction that the vintage shit had. i love this and reminds me of a golden era from years gone by. and for hose tryin to catch a piece of a bygone era, expect to put down as much as a stack, a rack, a grand ($1,000), or whatever u call it where you're from. and ur gonna pay that for a USED jacket. classic hip hop never dies...


This is Retro-Lo, and i posted this pwing spring 92 jacket on facebook and funny to see it on here. thanx for enjoying the jacket and i have more pics on my dining table if interested hehe. 2LL's up

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