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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Ewings

these was some fly joints back in the day! and im glad to see these make a return. these was always fly. and they still are. better than a lot of the sneaks coming out now, and some since they was out the first time. pictured above is the Ewing 33 Hi, my favorite joints and the classic joints from those times.

these are the Extreme Hi. these sneaks are fly and are the only Ewings with a clear sole.
 these are the Ewing Eclipse. these are the joints he wore when he went to the Olympics and the USA team trashed the rest of the world. shit, somebody had to do it....
 i had to throw these in. these are the Ewing Rogue II. these were released in Europe and are the ones sought after by real sneakerheads, and not just Nike hunters as i call em. i have yet to see a nice, diverse well rounded collection from these so called sneaker dudes. i'd take these in grey, with the purple and have you holding ur girlfriends hand real tight when i walk in...

Friday, December 21, 2012

MC Spotlight: Carmen Amare

i cam across homegirl on the web and i had to share this. yung jawn got bars! and she make listenin to lesbian rap fun! cuz she the type of lesbo we all like. she cute. these dude lesbos should take note and catch a quote. she can spit. and she dont look like no man.

i don't know her and cant vouch for her, but its good to my ears to hear somebody her age (she's 16 in the video and probably 17 now) actually coming with something that sounds like it challenged her. and thats all we ask. sound like u give a fuck. 

ok honey. its on u... u better not suck next time i hear you...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Satellite Feed: Spit Gemz "Graffiti Everywhere"

this was a 'GO' from first of all! yall know im no graffiti enthusiast... i am the president! and when sun rocked this it was almost instant 'save' button. plus the line "instead of trickin, i'll buy something for my daughter". my nigga! 

this a great graffiti anthem for whatever city your from. and sun rocks it right, with that diligent dialect crafted in the New York underground. it feels good for me to hear shit like this coming from New York, because i was fearful that New York was in danger of losing its identity. then Lo Lifes start poppin and buzzin in the city and all of sudden it looks like hip hop again. sometimes people need to be reminded. and this is a good one for that so that people can remember that there was a time that this part of the street life was all about how fly you can be.

bust out...

Starz Network To Air New Hip Hop Series

Starz To Develop Show About The Origins Of Hip Hop

Starz announced recently that its planning to develop a drama series based around the origins of Hip Hop in New York City's South Bronx. The show is called "Turf" and will feature how hip hop was born out of Bronx gang life in the 1970s.
Patrick Macmanus, who has written on Starz's "Marco Polo" and "Noir," will write the script for the show.


My Canadian Massive... Dig This!

for all of you in the Vancouver, B.C. area, i got some great news for you! but i cant tell u yet.... but it includes free tickets to 2 shows! who are they you ask? leave me a comment and i'll let u know as soon as i know how many tickets im gonna have to give away. both shows are gonna be at the Fortune Sound Club, so you know its gonna be a well run event, with big sound and a comfortable, modern environment. BOTH shows u dont wanna miss, and one show i KNOW the fellas would LOVE to attend. ok... ready set... GO!

Raekwon: "Never Can Say Goodbye"

Rae rocks it fresh over this classic Jackson 5 sample. u know how they do, rockin strait over the music, no new drums or nothin. but it works. definitely a fly joint. woulda been better if this woulda dropped in the spring or summer, but i'll take it. what yall think?

Raekwon- Never Can Say Goodbye.mp3

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When Im Not Here

i'm up in this jawn! and trust me im up in here a LOT. this is The BatCave Studios, in Philadelphia, PA. i have the distinct honor of being the mastering engineer for this studio.

i also do mixing and i enjoy it, but not as much as i love mastering. i dont know, i guess its something about having the last input to the record and actually being the person that balances the music to the point where it sounds like a record. i never get bored of that moment shen it all comes together and sounds like a record. i love it.

this studio is the same studio that gave the world Meek Mill. Meek Mill is actually a product of the guidance of Ruggedness, the chief engineer there , and Biz Porter, the 1st rapper to be signed to Motown Records. Rug just got nominated for a Grammy for his work for Rick Ross, which was recorded in this studio, but in the 'A' Room. this is the 'B' room pictured above. i work in this room with Don Groove, a Philly studio and production legend, and when his studio was open, he was the road by which many Philly rappers made it to stardom, including every last Philly rapper that was signed to Rocafella records. they all started out with him. i work at a great place.

since being here, i have mastered records for people all across the country and of all different genres. so this is the reason the site isnt being updated in a regular fashion. because ur boy Cult is actually being a part of the culture at a professional level. its a great crew, and trust me, im gonna be sharing some fly shit with yall for sure. 

i'm not the type to feel like i owe anybody an explanation for anything i do. but many of u have been sending me emails telling me how much yall appreciate what we do here. and that was more than motivation enough to renew my efforts to make sure we stay broadcasting from at least 20,000 ft.

thank all of you...  im back!

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