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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When Im Not Here

i'm up in this jawn! and trust me im up in here a LOT. this is The BatCave Studios, in Philadelphia, PA. i have the distinct honor of being the mastering engineer for this studio.

i also do mixing and i enjoy it, but not as much as i love mastering. i dont know, i guess its something about having the last input to the record and actually being the person that balances the music to the point where it sounds like a record. i never get bored of that moment shen it all comes together and sounds like a record. i love it.

this studio is the same studio that gave the world Meek Mill. Meek Mill is actually a product of the guidance of Ruggedness, the chief engineer there , and Biz Porter, the 1st rapper to be signed to Motown Records. Rug just got nominated for a Grammy for his work for Rick Ross, which was recorded in this studio, but in the 'A' Room. this is the 'B' room pictured above. i work in this room with Don Groove, a Philly studio and production legend, and when his studio was open, he was the road by which many Philly rappers made it to stardom, including every last Philly rapper that was signed to Rocafella records. they all started out with him. i work at a great place.

since being here, i have mastered records for people all across the country and of all different genres. so this is the reason the site isnt being updated in a regular fashion. because ur boy Cult is actually being a part of the culture at a professional level. its a great crew, and trust me, im gonna be sharing some fly shit with yall for sure. 

i'm not the type to feel like i owe anybody an explanation for anything i do. but many of u have been sending me emails telling me how much yall appreciate what we do here. and that was more than motivation enough to renew my efforts to make sure we stay broadcasting from at least 20,000 ft.

thank all of you...  im back!


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