Read In Your Language

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Toddy Tee: "Batterram"

Ay mayn, i fux wit it all. and im always on to some dope ass old skool Cali shit. front if u want to, Cali niggas was spitin some REAL shit from way back. and maybe a lot of em wont make ur top 5 (but i DARE you to tell me King T and MC Eight aint have lyrics), but its some REAl music anyway. and if u like music with real musiciam than u have ni chice but to fuck with that ol skool LA. let me say, old skool West Coast. cause i fux wit the music from the Bay as well. ok, i may be a lil off topic, but u see what im sayin.  enjoy, and if it applies, get hip...


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