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Friday, June 7, 2013

Cover Art: Kanye West: "YEEZUS"

Lets get the first part out the way.... the baw is gifted. nobody is gonna take that away from him. but dude is goin more and more the weirdo route.

let me take that back. i aint goin to call it weirdo, cause i understand what hes doing. or let me say i think i do. to me, i think hes doing that Prince/Madonna type controversy thing that looks like high art from the onset. i dont know, ill give him the benefit of the doubt, because dude is actually a real artist. so maybe he has grown into such. but something in me tells me that a lot of this is planning and not inspiration.

i remember seeing a video online of him when he was just gettin on, and he was quiet and humble and off to the side. but in that video he was talking about how he was gonna be one of those weird clothes wearing artists thats always in controversies and the press and followed by the paparazi. now mind you, this was when he had just started selling beats at Rocafella. he had it all planned. so i guess what im saying is, its not who he is, its who he always wanted to be. theres some pretention there.

now, what if im wrong? this picture is loaded with a bunch of symbols and occult leanings. what if thats his real agenda? now, i aint gonna get into everything i see... the man on his RIGHT side wearing the red gloves, the stairway, the inverted cross in the front, the inverted cross on the door, the 4 brides, the reptilian leave all that alone... but he's trying to say SOMETHING to SOMEBODY.... stay tuned...


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