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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ramellzee, Toxic C1, and Basquiat @ the Rhythm Lounge 1983

i hate to call it old skool. thats kind of dismissive, like calling all indigenous peoples history "before Christ", as if before then, it had no value, just a footnote until the coming of 'the Lord'. but this here, this is a piece of history. art history even.

if i have to explain who these guys are, u are in serious need of help. but let me say, i know some of u were problem still swimming in nutsacks when this was poppin, so allow me to re-introduce it to you.
Ramellzee, my mellow my man, and one of my all time favorites, Basquiat. really wish i coulda hung out wit dude.

this was a live jawn, especially keeping on mind that Basquiat is one of the most important pianters of all time. and he was stone cold bboy. loved him some hip hop. and this is good example of it. i believe this was a Basquiat event. i could be wrong. but here it is....West Coast styling....

Apollo Brown: Rhythm Roulette

this was a fun lil game. look forward to more posts of this series as there are more dope artists that took the same challenge. stay at me....

1st Annual Elements Of Hip Hop Jam, Philadephia

looks to be a live event, spearheaded by some official cats from the city. if ur in Philly this weekend, check it out. i know the graff writers will be in attendance. they always are.

New Video: REKS f/ Noreaga & Saigon “Garvey”

Brick Records is proud to present the REKS & Hazardis Soundz collaborative album Eyes Watching God. The concept album has the duo showcasing a contrast between “good and evil” beginning with a “God Side” and finishing with a “Devil Side.”  The CD artwork features a dual-image album cover showing both the 'Good' and 'Evil' sides, depending on what angle you view it from.   The Massachusetts lyricist linked up with the Queens native in South Florida to complete the album during the past year, and they enlisted N.O.R.E, Saigon, Fredro Starr, Termanology, Ruste Juxx, Dutch Rebelle and others to add to their cause.  The result is a highly conscious and fiercely political album.

"Working with REKS on this project has been a great experience. The creative process was organic and effortless. We were in the studio together for every song on the album and it was as simple as me showing Reks a beat and him picking up the pen and writing. Nothing was ever forced. I am really proud of this body of work and I'm very excited for the world to hear it." says Haz.

REKS adds, "It felt natural working with Haz.  He has a great ear for music and was interested in me trying beats I am not accustomed to spitting on. It helped me diversify myself a bit".   The chemistry between the two is evident throughout Eyes Watching God, which was released on CD and digitally on 7-15-14.

Today, REKS releases the visual for, “Garvey,” from Eyes Watching God, as he links up with Noreaga & Saigon for a titan collaboration.

Link to REKS f/ Noreaga & Saigon “Garvey” video:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint 300

always in the lead always on the cutting edge, Montana Colors is always coming up with ways to help us create some of the newest freshest most vibrant works possible. and for so many that paint indoors these days, this is most definitely a thoughtful solution. environmentally friendly and with a 42 color palette, i dont see where no one will have a problem with getting it done.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new spray paint formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality. Highly recommended for Fine Arts, graffiti and many other professional jobs. Perfect for interior or exterior work. Waterproof once dry. More info coming soon!
-52 colors.
-Anti-clog valve.
-Ergonomic format 300 ml.
-Feeling less fatigue when painting indoors or places with poor ventilation.
-Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene.
-Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 – 25 minutes.
41 solid colors: Durable matte colors, featuring great resistance and opacity for all types of applications. 5 fluorescents: Intense and bright colors that react to exposure to “black light”. 2 metal colorsMetallic pigments and resin for great coverage and intense shine without staining at touch. 2 semitransparents: Paint of low opacity suitable for creating volume, glazing and effects. 2 varnishes: Transparent Varnish for universal use. Suitable for protection of all kinds of surfaces.
RV-222 / Cadmium Yellow Light
RV-1021 / Cadmium Yellow Medium
RV-177 / Azo Yellow Deep
RV-105 / Azo Orange Light
RV-2004 / Azo Orange
RV-209 / Azo Orange Deep
RV-223 / Cadmium Red Light
RV-3020 / Naphthol Red
RV-3004 / Carmine
RV-211 / Quinacridone Rose
RV-4010 / Quinacridone Magenta
RV-213 / Red Violet
RV-224 / Blue Violet Light
RV-225 / Blue Violet
RV-167 / Blue Violet Deep
RV-214 / Dioxazine Purple Light
RV-173 / Dioxazine Purple
RV-174 / Dioxazine Purple Deep
RV-29 / Phthalo Blue Light
RV-217 / Cerulean Blue
RV-30 / Prussian Blue
RV-69 / Cobalt Blue Light
RV-68 / Cobalt Blue
RV-5002 / Ultramarine Blue
RV-254 / Phthalo Green Blue
RV-219 / Turquoise Green
RV-21 / Emerald Green
RV-236 / Brilliant Yellow Green
RV-34 / Brilliant Light Green
RV-6018 / Brilliant Green
RV-1013 / Titanium Light
RV-135 / Naples Yellow
RV-137 / Raw Umber
RV-264 / Yellow Ocre
RV-265 / Raw Sienna
RV-266 / Burnt Umber
RV-7047 / Neutral Grey Light
RV-040 / Neutral Grey
RV-263 / Neutral Grey Deep
R-9010 / Titanium White
R-9011 / Carbon Black
Fluorescent / Yellow
Fluorescent / Red
Fluorescent / Fuchsia
Fluorescent / Green
Fluorescent / Blue
Metal Color / Silver
Metal Color / Gold
Semitransparent / White
Semitransparent / Black
Varnish / Glossy
Varnish / Matt

MTN WATER BASED Studio Works X KENOR from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

Friday, July 18, 2014

DUXS bombing trains in Dusseldorf and Paris

love seeing the boys get it in from all over the map. and i mean ALL over it. this was fresh lil video. to all my heads, enjoy....

F.U. and Godilla Album Release Party

Looks like its gonna be a good one tomorrow! The homie Spit Gemz AND the Buze Bruvas??? and ur boy might be swinging thru. you love hip hop and dont know where its at? THIS will be the place to be. 4th n Girard, off of the 15 trolley, the Blue Line stop at Girard is only a few blocks away, the number 57 bus lets off right on 3rd n Girard and the number 47 bus lets u off at 6th n Girard. leave the excuses at home.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I first heard of Cozz a couple of months ago with his initial SoundCloud upload "Dreams." With a lot of rappers out here talking about their lifestyles with the usual braggadocios exaggerations, the 20-year-old South Central rep comes through with an authentic viewpoint that praises his strength through the struggle. With only two songs on the internet, Cozz has already signed with J.Cole's Dreamville Records. His delivery spits the hunger of a true artist that barks at you with clarity and determination until he's fed. With mad potential and a solid mind there is much to expect from the rapper on the rise. 

In "Dreams" he declares:

Seems like Cozz is on his way. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mos International Playa....

Then the nitwits wanted to make a big deal about this being a skirt. Kanye had on skirt. this is what people was wearing BEFORE the European showed up. there was a history before then, you do realize that?

i was lookin thru the nets like i do, when i came across the story of Mos Def making it back to the US in time for Spike Lee's Block party. i was hit by the way the peoples was showing him love. not because folks dont show love, but it was the kind of love that he was gettin. it had respect drippin from it.

for me, sometimes i have a hard time with these revolution talk type dudes, because few of em actually practice what they preach. hey have a lot of rhetoric, but few actual push to establish something meaningful in the community, besides places to charge for performances, recorded music and merchandise. and im not saying that the baw going to the Motherland alone is enuff to fill that void. what i AM saying is that, its a good look.

i think in a lot of cases, people forget that this is a BIG world, because the speed of communication actually has u thinkin its small. there is almost 194 MILLION square miles to the planet earth, and this is the poor part. the vast resources in abundance, are abroad. to see the brother actually showing what it look like to be a modern day AfriCAN, modern, sophisticated, cultured, was a good  piece of media to see in this ocean of this swirling buffoonery that is this generation on the internet. i mean, nobody wanted to be a drug dealer when they was a kid. they decided to be one because they could SEE what they considered success in their immediate realm of possibilities and gravitated toward that. if what a person can see can lay a foundation, or at the very least raise the question, then im glad that these fools have a chance to see THIS.

Africa.... sike... this is Mississippi, dum dum
i think, far too many times, people in this country, and i would say more appropriately(?) minorities, or lets say, the brown (not just Mexican, there's a LOT of OTHER nationalities that are brown too) to black people think that there is no other place in the world to enjoy a healthy lifestyle where u can raise your kids in healthy and wholesome environment where they will be well rounded and cared for. media propaganda ALWAYS tends to make Africa look destabilized, dangerous, mysterious and disease ridden, at least in this country. because in Europe, plenty of people know better. Africa is a vacation destination for many people there. but here? hayll no! aint nobody takin that trip, jack. except for the baw (and a few others). and it was a good look.

now when these black and proud dudes actually start instituting programs outside of the arts, imma really give em some dap. til then... this'll do....

the other baw who took the trip. got right out of dodge. something tells me they know where to go over there to seek refuge...
DOUBLE LAYER CAKE. they get money over there. the largest reserve of diamonds is there, dum dum...

Florida be poppin in the summer. too bad this aint Florida. this Durban, South Africa. how YOU livin?....

Mozambique. i dont see no piss and shit floatin in the water here, dum dum... thems is YACHTS...

The Gushie: Miracle Watts

if any of you are on Facebook, yall have probably cam across this woman in any number of them groups, newsfeeds, tags, posts, whatever. she is literally all over that website. and with good reason. homegirl is just FINE. i mean, look at how brown she is. and the proportions? dynamite. she has perfects waist to ass/hips ratio. it comes together so nicely. and on top of the just naturally sexy drippin on the floor when she walk thru, she know how to carry it. i think thats one of the things that differentiate her, at least to me, from the others who flaunt it. when she get dressed, she look like she does this for a living. you get the clear impression of a professional. its what keeps her, no matter how much ass she shows, away from any THOT or ratchet levels. cause her thorobred level exceeds them all. go on an soak up some of this elegance. i gotchu...

i know u seen this one before. and i know, u'd love to see it comin to get a snack late at night... even if this was ur girl's sister from outta town...

ELEGANT. perfect for the man that lives in different worlds.  you can take her to the hip hop function, then button up the top and go strait to a meeting with her. if this wont seal the deal, nothing will.

look like she might wanna watch the game witchu, right?

you in the club, and THAT walks by...
ass lovers special. that ass can make the Klan say DAM!

keep goin... down.... down....
that ass was made to jump in and out of fly shit... makes u wanna grab the vaseline, dont it?

Bboy Salute: Merkur Scorpio

back in the late 80s, in Philly, this was one of the premiere drug boy cars poppin. this and the Sterling (more on that later). but this joint was a nice quiet classic. i tried to look for pics of this thing done out like them boys used to have it. it was favorite of the JBM (junior Black Mafia) and other well known street dudes such as West Philly legend Biz Porter. i remember seeing them roll thru wit these and they used to be like spaceships, glidin on top of the street like the wheels aint touch the ground. they used to rock them with the rims called Hammers and the BBS rims was classic. these were that work. and you know i know. and at around $24k (today would be close to $50k), u had to have to get one. and back then, they BOUGHT cars. CASH. aint nobody have no damn credit...

for more info on the Scorpio, go here.

BBS rims was a favorite of many. the used to rock them especially hard on the Merkur, the Saabs and the Benzs.

Hammers was another rockin rim back them times. box Volvos was especially fly with these and was almost a must have if u had that car. my man Ronny ZARK had a nice box Volvo with the Hammers in chrome.

the tag of distinction...

the rearview was especially special on this one. it was just very different from the cars on the street back them times.  this was one of those jawns that girls knew u had it if you had it.

lil kit action, nothin major...

the stance was major. thats the one thing i remember. they all looked good on the road. 

Spinelli's All City Art Weekend

This looks to be a live event! and u know ur boy is gonna be there, paintin, doin what i do, doing that DENSKE thing. graff dudes is def gonna be in the house like my man ENEM from Philly and DENZ ONE from Chicago and more. also my man Freeway is also gonna be rockin the afterparty, so its definitely goin down. if ur in Louisville Kentucky, or anywhere near, slide thru and chill... and grab a slice, the pizza is ridiculously good...

FREEWAY will be in the place rockin all of his classics. comethru and kick it wit us...

Thursday, July 3, 2014


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