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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bboy Salute: Merkur Scorpio

back in the late 80s, in Philly, this was one of the premiere drug boy cars poppin. this and the Sterling (more on that later). but this joint was a nice quiet classic. i tried to look for pics of this thing done out like them boys used to have it. it was favorite of the JBM (junior Black Mafia) and other well known street dudes such as West Philly legend Biz Porter. i remember seeing them roll thru wit these and they used to be like spaceships, glidin on top of the street like the wheels aint touch the ground. they used to rock them with the rims called Hammers and the BBS rims was classic. these were that work. and you know i know. and at around $24k (today would be close to $50k), u had to have to get one. and back then, they BOUGHT cars. CASH. aint nobody have no damn credit...

for more info on the Scorpio, go here.

BBS rims was a favorite of many. the used to rock them especially hard on the Merkur, the Saabs and the Benzs.

Hammers was another rockin rim back them times. box Volvos was especially fly with these and was almost a must have if u had that car. my man Ronny ZARK had a nice box Volvo with the Hammers in chrome.

the tag of distinction...

the rearview was especially special on this one. it was just very different from the cars on the street back them times.  this was one of those jawns that girls knew u had it if you had it.

lil kit action, nothin major...

the stance was major. thats the one thing i remember. they all looked good on the road. 


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